How to Promote A Post on Triberr

What is a promoted post on Triberr? A promoted post on Triberr is a feature that allows Triberr members to promote a post to their followers, tribes, and members of other relevant tribes. The promote post feature is available to all Triberr members, both free and premium. You can promote posts imported by you, imported by other tribemates, or external post links. Promote Post purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Post performance is based on a variety of factors including the quality of your content, its subject matter, your website, and your followers, and therefore Triberr cannot guarantee results. Quick Overview of Promote Post Read more

Membership Levels for Triberr

Triberr offers 3 levels of membership: Free User Prime Lite User Prime User Below are the three different types of members and the limitations that comes with each level. Field/Rule Free Membership Lite Membership Prime Membership Tribe Creation Limit 3 Tribes 7 Tribes 21 Tribes Members per Tribe Limit 30 Members 50 Members 75 Members Maximum Number of Blogs Connected 2 Blogs 4 Blogs 14 Blogs Maximum Number of Social Media Accounts Connected 5 Social Media Accounts 7 Social Media Accounts 21 Social Media Accounts Maximum Number of Twitter Accounts 3 Twitter Accounts 5 Twitter Accounts 19 Twitter Accounts Maximum Read more

Making a New Tribe (Video)

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How do I send a Private Message on Triberr?

One of our core values at Triberr is to help members connect to each other and their audiences. To help facilitate that connection we’ve added new private messaging capabilities. You’ll see a new “mail” icon at the top right of your blue navigation bar. Click that to be taken to your Inbox   In your inbox you can read messages you’ve received from members, and you can send members new messages. Click the “+ Private Message” button to compose a new message.   On the new message page, start typing in the name of a tribemate you want to message. Read more

How to add a photo to a post

If you are using the Triberr plugin, your posts on Triberr should include the photos you used on your blog. If you are not using the plugin your posts may contain just text. To draw the attention of your tribemates to your post, you can easily add a photo by editing your post in Triberr.