How do I sort posts in my tribal stream?

There are several ways to sort posts in your tribal stream. You can access available options by clicking on the New Posts button.   Then select which method you would like to sort by from the drop down box.

How do I edit an imported post in Triberr?

Occasionally, you may want to edit your post on Triberr. Adding visually appealing images or improving your content’s description is extremely helpful for other tribemates may be interested in sharing your post. The good news is you can absolutely edit your posts on Triberr. In this post, I will walk you through the editing process. The following video showcases editing steps listed below.   Navigate to the post you want to edit. Please note you can only edit the content for posts that you own. Select the drop down menu located at the end of the posts title Select the Read more

How to invite someone to Triberr

Inviting a friend or co-worker to Triberr is easy. 1) Send them a link to the Triberr homepage or a tribe page. A tribe page link will look like: 2) Have them “Follow” the tribe This will prompt them to register 3) Promote them to a member Read step by step instructions on promoting a follower to a member.       If they are already on Triberr, you can just search for their name and invite them to your tribe. When you invite someone in this way you won’t need to promote them to a member, because they will Read more

How to edit a tweet before sending

Triberr allows you to customize your tribemates posts before sharing them. 1) Click the “Edit” icon at the end of the title The edit icon opens up a new overlay window with the current title in the edit box:   2) Edit the title – This is the body of the tweet you’ll be sharing After you have changed the text field, click “Save”. 3) Note the changes in the title Your changes are now in the title area of the post: 4) Approve the post Hover your mouse over the “approval square” on the right side of the post  

How do I change my profile picture on Triberr?

Profile pictures on Triberr are pulled from the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts they’ve been connected to. By default, Triberr uses the Twitter profile picture as the primary profile picture on Triberr. If no Twitter account is connected, then Facebook’s profile picture is used. Finally, LinkedIn’s profile picture will be used as the profile picture if no Facebook account is connected. To update your profile picture on Triberr, simply update your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile picture, then login to Triberr. Upon login, Triberr will check if your profile data is up to date (checks every 6 hours).