How To UnFollow a Tribe

In the Tribe Member area, click the Leave button. Here’s a step by step: In the blue top navigational bar, click on Tribes From the list of tribes, click on the tribe you want to unfollow Click on Members tab to show all members Click Leave

How do I pause or delete my own post?

If you published a post prematurely, or the post is time-sensitive and its moment has passed, you can Pause (or Delete) it in your My Posts area, by clicking on the Active button, and then selecting Pause or Delete. See steps below. Step 1: Step 2:

How do I switch to and from the new interface?

If you’re still using the old Triberr interface, you can switch to the new in two ways. Either click on the light blue highlighted status message in your Tribal Stream, or go to Account/Try the New Triberr. See image below. While we’re in the process of migrating to the new interface, some pages may not be accessible in the new interface, and you may want to switch back to the old interface. Go to Account/Switchto Old Version. See image below.

How do I access my feeds?

Your feeds are located under Settings/My Blogs   You can assign up to 2 feeds if you have a free accounts. You can have up to 4 feeds with Prime Lite account. You can have up to 7 feeds with Prime membership. To add a new RSS feed to Triberr, follow these steps: Go to your Blog Details page following the above steps (Account -> Settings -> My Blogs) Click on the Add Blogs button Enter your feed detail on the overlay window that pops up Read details on how to Find your RSS Feed URL Once assigned, feeds are Read more

How do I share posts on Triberr?

Hover your cursor over the square Approve button and the button will know that your intention is to approve that post for sharing. This is aligned with Triberr’s philosophy of making blogger’s lives easier. We want bloggers to get more our of doing less. Everything we do reflects the the implied deal we make with you when you join the Triberr community. You focus on writing amazing content, we will focus on getting you eyeballs and making things that you already do much, much easier. 🙂 Alternatively, you can switch to the “old” method of Approving posts and loading the stream by going Read more

How do I edit a post?

Usually when you edit text on a website, you click an “edit” button, a form pops up, you make changes, then you click “save” and the page reloads. On Triberr, we use in-line editing. This means you just click on the text itself (or an edit button), the text highlights in yellow indicating it’s editable, you make your changes and click off it. The changes are saved. 1. Click the edit icon at the end of a link 2. Make changes and click save

How does Triberr work?

At its core, Triberr is a platform to manage groups called Tribes. A tribe is a group of people, typically bloggers, who write about the same topics. For example, if I like blogger about food, I would look for a tribe that consists of other food bloggers. Once you’ve identified a tribe to join, you can start by “following” the tribe. When you “follow” a tribe, you are joining the group as an observer. This means you can see and share blog posts from the group, but they can’t see or share your blog posts. This is like an introduction Read more

What is Triberr?

There is nothing worse than writing a blog post that nobody reads. Triberr solves that problem for bloggers by developing a community of sharing and support with other bloggers. Triberr is a new and better way to grow your blog’s readership. It’s better because it connects like minded bloggers who are interested in reading and supporting each other. This core community, or Tribe, is the secret to a successful blog. How Does Triberr Work?