How do I create a tribe?

You can create a new tribe by clicking the “Tribes” link in the top navigation bar. Once on the “Tribes” page, click “My Tribes” then “New Tribe”   Once selected a modal will appear requiring you to enter details about the tribe you are creating. After you save the details, your new tribe will be created, and you will be redirected to the tribe page.

What are Tribes?

Tribes are groups of bloggers formed around a common interest, shared values, location, posting frequency, event, etc. Examples of common interest tribes, are tribes built around a specific subject, topic, or a niche. For example: Writing Marketing Gardening Pets etc. Examples of shared values are tribes built around a specific set of core values. For example: Democrats Republicans Environmentalism Sustainability Education etc. Examples of a tribe built around a location is a Tucson Bloggers tribe, which includes bloggers from many subject areas (food, marketing, real estate, etc.), all of which are focused strictly on one location. In this case, Tucson. Example of a Read more

The Unveiling of the New Triberr

On February 18th, 2013 we rolled out a brand new user interface for Triberr to Prime and Prime Lite members. We invited everyone to a Google+ hangout to walk them through the new interface.

How to create a Triberr account

To create a Triberr account visit then select the “Register” button    Once the register button is selected you will be lead to a registration page screen. Enter the information and then click signup. After clicking signup you’ll be required to complete a few other actions. It’s very important to connect a social network account because it will make the process of logging back into Triberr much simpler. Otherwise, you will have to request a login link via email to login again.