Best Practices

RSS Feed Specifications and Troubleshooting Guide

Note: This help document will provide best practices when adding your blog to triberr, as well as a troubleshooting guide when posts are not importing into triberr.  Following some of these steps will ensure that triberr will properly crawl your rss feed and import your latest blogs.   Section 1: What is an RSS Feed?   RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a way by which Triberr imports your new posts and presents them to your tribemates for sharing. So, it’s very important that your RSS is configured correctly. You can find your RSS feed’s address in few different ways. 1.1 Read more

How do I block an annoying Tribemate?

If someone is consistently posting low quality content, but you still want to maintain your membership in the tribe you share, you can hide future posts by hovering over their image on the left.. The Author Box will be displayed over the post area and will reveal the Mute option. Click it, then confirm that is what you want to do.