Bonfire Community Standards

Bonfires are a place for you to interact with your fellow tribesman! While we encourage you to be socially active, there are a few rules every Triberr user must follow: No Spamming – Please make only one post per topic. You may have as many posts as you like, so long as they are not all the same. No Foul Language – If a bonfire is found to have language in bad taste, we will remove the entire thread immediately. Self-Promotion Bonfires – These will be removed. Bonfires are not the place for you to boast about your blog. Your blog Read more

What are Bonfires?

Bonfires are Triberr’s community forums. A place where members can interact with each other outside of their tribes.   When we first deployed a forum area in Triberr, we decided not to call it a forum because that’s so…well, Web 1.0 We figured we’d call them Bonfires instead because bonfires are what humans have gathered around for as long as our species existed. So why not now? 🙂