How to upload a screen shot as an Influencer campaign milestone

  Most of the time you can track a campaign milestone completion by giving a URL to the completed activity, but there are times when a screen shot or image upload is necessary. Start by tracking the activity like normal. 1) Go to the campaign dashboard, and click the ‘Activity’ tab. Then hit the ‘Track Activity’ button.   2) Give your activity a title. It’s usually a post title, or a short description of what you did.  3) Make sure to include a URL. In most cases it will be a direct link to the page you’re taking a screen Read more

How to pay your influencers

This how-to is for Campaign Managers who are looking to release funds upon the successful completion of milestones. Click on Campaigns, then click on My Campaigns tab, and then click on View Dashboard. See image. Once you’re inside the campaign dashboard, access the payment area by clicking on Members, then click on Feedback. Provide feedback about the influencer’s performance and then click on Release Funds. See image. An email will go out letting the influencer know the funds are now in their Triberr account.

How do I start a countdown timer for an Influencer campaign?

  Countdown timers are a great way to make sure everyone in the campaign knows how much time they have left in the campaign to finish their milestones. After your Influencers have joined the campaign, you can start the countdown timer by clicking the green “Begin Countdown Timer” button from within the Campaign Dashboard, under Campaign Assets. When Influencers login to their dashboard they’ll see how much time they have left before the campaign closes. This is a global timer. Everyone sees the same time regardless of when they joined the campaign.

How do I withdraw money from Triberr?

After a successful Influencer Marketing campaign comes to a close, you’ll receive an email letting you know that you have Triberr funds available. To move those funds to your paypal account: Log into Triberr Click on the “Transactions” tab Click “withdraw” in the right column Enter the amount of money you want to send to paypal, and enter your paypal email address An admin will review your request, and will approve the funds transfer to paypal. This is typically done within 24 hours, but can take up to 48.

What are Campaign Points?

All Influencer Marketing campaigns on Triberr have a minimum payout that each Influencer gets paid to participate in the campaign. On top of the payout, some brands may offer prizes to Influencers who go above and beyond in certain areas. For example, a brand may decide that for every referral an Influencer sends that converts into a sale, the Influencer receives a certain number of points. Those points can be cashed out at the end of the campaign for prizes. Leaderboard:   The leaderboard shows how many points each Influencer has received during the campaign. To view the prizes these Read more

How to retract a campaign invite

There may be times when you want to retract a campaign invite. Perhaps you changed your mind, you found a better Influencer, or the person never responded. Either way, retracting an invite is easy, and it refunds the money you spent on inviting that person. Go to your Campaign Dashboard. Click the “Applications” tab. Click the “Sent Invites” button Click the “Retract Invite” button   After the invite has been retracted, you will be credited the money it had cost to initially send an invite to that person.    

How do I submit a counter offer for an influencer marketing campaign application?

Influencer Marketing campaigns on Triberr work by creating a campaign page, then Influencers apply to join the campaign. During the application process Influencers tell you how much they want to be paid for being part of the campaign. This is referred to as the “Bid”. How do I submit a counter offer for an influencer marketing campaign application?   You may find an Influencer that would be PERFECT for the campaign, but their bid price is a little too high. Rather than declining their application, you may want to submit a “Counter Offer”.   By hitting the white, “Counter Offer” Read more

Do I need to use special tracking links in an Influencer Marketing campaign?

Most Influencer Marketing campaigns are designed to drive traffic to a specific landing page. In order to tell how much traffic the campaign drove, campaign managers will typically provide campaigners with a special tracking link that they can then use in all their promotional activity. To grab your tracking link, login to the Campaign Dashboard:   On the right side of the page is a box called, “Campaign Assets” Note: This box will ONLY be present if the campaign manager has added a landing page Click the “Generate Short Link” button:   After a second, the short link will appear, Read more

Adjusting your bid after applying for the campaign

You can adjust various parameters after applying for the campaign by going to Campaigns/My Applications/Edit Application After clicking on Edit Application, you will  see the familiar application page where you can adjust various parameters including the bid.

How to save a post on Triberr

  To save a post on Triberr, just click the left-most “save” icon from the menu bar. It looks like a 3.5 hard disk.