Campaigns for Influencers

Disclosures for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

FTC Guidelines for Advertising The FTC requires bloggers properly disclose when they are getting paid to work with a brand. In 2013 they updated their advertising guidelines to give clear guidance on how bloggers should disclose their relationships with brands, including examples for us on social networks like Twitter. The bottom line here is that if you’re an Influencer who is getting paid by a brand, you need to be clear to your users about it: All disclosures should be: Proximate to the information so the consumer does not have to hunt for it Of at least the same size Read more

What is an Influencer Marketing campaign?

Influencer Marketing is a new form of marketing where companies hire influential bloggers to promote and endorse their brand, products or services. For years, big brands like Nike would hire celebrities like Tiger Woods to endorse their products. These celebrities had tremendous reach and influence through television. Today, bloggers and social media enthusiasts are the celebrities of the Internet. While a popular blogger may not have the reach of Tiger Woods, hundreds of bloggers working together do. Triberr’s Influencer Marketer campaigns are way for brands to hire large groups of Influencers who can work together to achieve a single brand goal. How does an Read more