Introduction to Triberr Curate

Curate is Triberr’s newest feature.   Triberr Curate gives you the ability to integrate different sources into your sharing flow. Now you can curate different content sources from within Triberr and immediately add it to your queue. Curate amplifies your sharing power by giving you greater control and flexibility over what you share and where you share it to. With curate Triberr member’s can now integrate RSS Feed Sources Any source with a valid and importable RSS feed Social Sources Facebook Page Twitter User Hashtag Search Term(s) YouTube User Channel Pinterest User Board Triberr Categories Aside from only being able to Read more

Triberr Membership Plan Increase

Official Announcement On September 15, 2017, Triberr’s membership plan prices will increase. However, if you are an existing Prime Lite or Prime member you will be grandfathered in as our legacy customers.   If you’re a premium member there’s nothing to do but continue using Triberr as usual. Your rate will not be impacted so long as you maintain an active subscription.    If you’re a free member the free plan will remain free. However, if you decide to upgrade your plan after September 15, 2017, you will be required to pay the new increased rate.  Lock In Your Legacy Rate Read more