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How do I submit a counter offer for an influencer marketing campaign application?

Influencer Marketing campaigns on Triberr work by creating a campaign page, then Influencers apply to join the campaign. During the application process Influencers tell you how much they want to be paid for being part of the campaign. This is referred to as the “Bid”. How do I submit a counter offer for an influencer marketing campaign application?   You may find an Influencer that would be PERFECT for the campaign, but their bid price is a little too high. Rather than declining their application, you may want to submit a “Counter Offer”.   By hitting the white, “Counter Offer” Read more

Do I need to use special tracking links in an Influencer Marketing campaign?

Most Influencer Marketing campaigns are designed to drive traffic to a specific landing page. In order to tell how much traffic the campaign drove, campaign managers will typically provide campaigners with a special tracking link that they can then use in all their promotional activity. To grab your tracking link, login to the Campaign Dashboard:   On the right side of the page is a box called, “Campaign Assets” Note: This box will ONLY be present if the campaign manager has added a landing page Click the “Generate Short Link” button:   After a second, the short link will appear, Read more

Adjusting your bid after applying for the campaign

You can adjust various parameters after applying for the campaign by going to Campaigns/My Applications/Edit Application After clicking on Edit Application, you will  see the familiar application page where you can adjust various parameters including the bid.

What is a Featured post?

A Featured post is an experiment in monetization. We are hyper protective of your time and attention, so the Featured content is always valuable and vetted content published on a high quality blog. Let us know if you like it, hate it, or feel indifferent about it in the comments section.

How to add a photo to a post

If you are using the Triberr plugin, your posts on Triberr should include the photos you used on your blog. If you are not using the plugin your posts may contain just text. To draw the attention of your tribemates to your post, you can easily add a photo by editing your post in Triberr.

How to add Paypal email to your Triberr account

In order for Triberr to pay you for your participation in a campaign, we’ll need your Paypal email address. Here’s how to add it to your profile. Click on Account, then click on Settings. See image.   You will see several tabs. Click on Contact Settings tab. You will see the Paypal email field. Fill it out with your Paypal email and submit. See image.

How do I track campaign activity?

In order to get paid for your work as an Influencer, you must complete the campaign milestones. Of course you also want to show the campaign manager that you actually completed the milestones, so this is where activity tracking comes in.

How to save a post on Triberr

  To save a post on Triberr, just click the left-most “save” icon from the menu bar. It looks like a 3.5 hard disk.

How to submit a post for review

Navigate to the campaign dashboard, and click the “Activity” tab Paste the contents of your blog post in the body area, then “Save & Preview” If it looks good, click the “Submit for Approval” button The Campaign Manager (CM) will be notified and will review the post. The can comment on the post and advise a change if necessary, or approve. Once the post is approved, you’ll get an email notification. Then you can publish the post on your blog, and add the live URL to the tracking system to get credit for a milestone.

How to pin your campaign activity to the Activity stream

Pinning your campaign-related activity to the Activity stream is paramount to your payout. There is a direct correlation between your recorded activity and your ability to collect campaign payout. I stress this because the only way for the brand to track your activity is for you to ensure ALL campaign-related activity is recorded. I hope saying this 3 times has stressed the importance of adding the pinning activity to your routine. ­čÖé How to pin your activity to the Activity┬ástream In the top navigation bar, click on Tribes, then click on the campaign tribe. For example, to get to the Read more