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So you’re a brand ambassador. Here’s what you need to know.

Congratulations on becoming a brand ambassador. You are now the brand’s superhero. Here are the basics. Bloggers on Triberr are contracted to represent a brand in a genuine and enthusiastic way for a period of 4 weeks or longer. Bloggers are fairly compensated for their ambassadorship. The amount varies but it’s usually around $300 per blogger, per month. You’ll be working with other bloggers in a collaborative way to meet the objectives of the campaign. Each campaign is little bit different, but generally speaking, bloggers are expected to write 3-4 campaign related posts per month. They are: Declaration Post Campaign Read more

How do I hide images in my Tribal Stream

Images can bring an element of visual interest and excitement to your Tribal Stream, but sometimes you need to keep things simple, and hide the visual distractions. Before:   After:   Directions: To control whether images show in the Tribal Stream, click the “Settings” button at the top of your stream, and adjust the bottom option.

The right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe

Atomic tribes (sometimes known as Automatic Tribes) are a special kind of tribe owned by Triberr premium members (aka Primes) where only the Chief’s content is shared. ATs make sharing completely frictionless, but they are not for everyone. They are really only for superfans and employees. So, what is the right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe? The Right Way A subtle Call to Action on the bottom of the post, in the form of a text, the way Adam C. did it in this post. (see image below)   A very bold and obvious call to action the Read more

What are Live Conversations?

By default Live Conversations will show you a real-time feed of all the comments left on any posts on Triberr. If you are reading a blog post on Triberr, the Live Conversations pane changes to a post-specific conversation where you can have a real-time conversation with others who are reading the post. Live Conversations are also saved as comments on a post, and will show up on the author’s blog if they are using the Triberr comment system.

What costs or fees are involved in a Triberr Influencer Marketing campaign?

For Campaign Creators Total campaign cost is determined by the size of the campaign, and target demographic. The total cost of the campaign must be paid to Triberr before the campaign is started. Any unused funds will be returned. There are no additional costs or fees. For Influencers Each Influencer who participates in a campaign will be eligible for payment. Payment will be paid within 30 days of campaign completion via paypal or check. Check payouts require a minimum amount of $100. Paypal payments have no minimum. Triberr charges 12% of the campaign fee paid to Influencers to cover campaign expenses and Read more

How do I resend posts in Triberr?

If you’re in a Triberr campaign, you can resend posts by going to “My Posts” then click on the “Resend” button. After a post is resent, it will appear green.   A resent post will appear in the Tribal Stream for all tribemates, even those who have approved your post previously. It will also be considered “sticky” meaning, it will stay at the top of the tribal stream until approved, deleted or 1 week passes.

What are approved posts or the Queue?

The flow of a post through Triberr is as follows: Join a tribe When a member of your tribe posts on their blog, Triberr will import the post and will show it to you in your Tribal Stream Click “Add to Queue” on the posts you want to share across your social networks The “Approved” posts has been renamed as “Queue”, however the previous tab named “Approved” still exists. In future, it will be completed removed and the Queue will be the default method to view what’s being shared from your account to the social networks. Once a post has Read more

How do I make comment box blend with my blog background?

Go to Settings/Triberr in your WordPress dashboard. See image.   In the Triberr plugin configuration, enter the desired hex code for the comment box area. You may be wondering how you might know what the hex value of your blog background might be? I use Eye Dropper. It’s for Chrome browser. If you’re using a different browser, do a google search to find the right method for your browser/operating system. And if you’re still having a hard time figuring it out, tweet me and I’ll help you @dinodogan

Triberr Influencer Campaigns are Different

Triberr influencer campaigns are different in two ways. First, you’re endorsing a campaign as its spokesperson. And second, the campaign is executed collaboratively. Let’s explain these two points in a greater detail. You, the Spokesperson Most influencer marketing campaigns involve a brand asking a blogger to write a post about it. You’ll recognize these posts because they almost always include an apologetic statement about the blogger writing a “sponsored” post. A Triberr campaign is not based on a single post. You’re hired for a specific length of time. Usually a month or more. During this time, you are a representative of the brand. This changes the way you approach Read more

How do I customize Triberr profile header?

By default, your Triberr profile header will look something like this.   It behooves you to change it to something cool, like this.   Or this.   And here’s how to do it. Create an image that’s 770px x 310px in size. Go to your profile page, like so.   And click on the Upload button located in the upper right corner of the header image.   Upload the image you created (770x310px) by clicking on Add Files, and click to Refresh your profile page.   And just like that, you’re one of the cool kids 🙂