Deprecated Features

What do I do if the hover approve button or infinite scroll doesn’t work?

If you prefer to approve posts in your Tribal Stream with a “click” instead of hovering to approve, you can now enable this in the Tribal Stream settings. 1. Click the “Settings” button on the Tribal Stream page 2. Select the option to approve with click   3. Save your settings Here is an example of the “click to approve” buttons: Here is an example of the “hover to approve” buttons:   Note: With the “hover to approve” interface, you can load more posts by scrolling to the bottom of the page. With the “click to approve” interface you can Read more

How do I switch to and from the new interface?

If you’re still using the old Triberr interface, you can switch to the new in two ways. Either click on the light blue highlighted status message in your Tribal Stream, or go to Account/Try the New Triberr. See image below. While we’re in the process of migrating to the new interface, some pages may not be accessible in the new interface, and you may want to switch back to the old interface. Go to Account/Switchto Old Version. See image below.

Why is my post marked as “failed”?

In order to keep tribe activity balanced, there is a maximum number of posts you can share with your tribes each week. Tribe Limits: Free Members – 14 posts every 7 days Prime Lite – 28 posts every 7 days Prime – 49 posts every 7 days   If you have imported more posts than your membership level allows, those additional posts will be marked as “failed”   How do I reactivate failed posts? If you are a free or Prime Lite member, you can upgrade your membership level then click the “retry” button next to your post. If you are already a Read more

Where are my shields?

Shields is a feature that hasn’t made it into the new and redesigned Triberr. We may bring them back in some form or another.

How do I edit a bonfire?

  Editing a bonfire is easy. Just go to a recent post of yours.   Hover over your comment, and the entire comment will turn yellow to indicate it is editable.   Click in the yellow area, and begin typing your changes. After you are finished, click outside of the yellow area, and your changes will automatically save. Pay attention to the timestamp next to the “Delete” link. This will let you know that your edits have been successfully updated.

What is an Automatic Tribe?

What is an Automatic Tribe? An Automatic (previously Atomic) tribe is one in which the followers automatically share the content of the Chief. How is an Automatic Tribe different than a Standard Tribe? In a Standard Tribe, all members see and can share each others content. In an Automatic Tribe, the Chief is the only person who has their content seen or shared. Why would one want to join an Automatic Tribe Followers of Automatic Tribe’s receive an email whenever the Chief posts making sure they never miss a post. They also save time by sharing the Chief’s posts automatically Read more