Paid Features

How can I add a Backup Funding account to PayPal?

  To ensure your account will not be suspended for failed payments through PayPal,¬†you may opt to add a backup funding account. This is a backup account that PayPal will withdraw from should you have issues with your primary account. To do so, follow the steps below.   Step 1. Locate your Account Settings page on Paypal. Step 2. Find Your Payment Preferences and Pre-Approved Payments   Step 3. Locate the Pre-Approved Payment Plans link   Step 4. Access your Triberr Subscription   Step 5. Ensure You Have a Backup Funding Source  

What is a Sticky Post?

A sticky post is paid feature that allows authors to stick their post at the top of their tribemates Tribal Stream. Normally a Tribal Stream is sorted by time, with the newest posts on top. If your tribemates logs in hours or days after your post was published, it’s likely that your tribemates may not see it, because it’s buried beneath newer posts. By making your post sticky, your post will stay at the top of your Tribemates streams until they share or hide it, or until the posts 5 day lifespan is up. Sticky posts are a one time, Read more