Why can’t my post be re-imported into Triberr if it gets deleted?

We do not allow ANY posts to be re-imported to your Triberr account for any reason whatsoever. The reason for this is that by re-importing your post, all of your tribemates will be re-sharing your old post to their respective followers, and this will make your tribemates, as well as yourself, look bad. We want to keep Triberr user feeds fresh, and make sure that every time someone sees a post on Triberr, they know that it’s not recycled content. In the future, please do not delete posts once they have already been imported into Triberr.  Our policy is to ban anyone that does this Read more

I accidentally deleted a post on Triberr, how can I manually bring it back?

Unfortunately, per our internal policy, we are not allowed to re-import or manually re-add a post inside Triberr to protect the integrity of all users and their respective social accounts. Do not delete posts once they have already been imported into Triberr. Our policy is to ban anyone that does this or is flagged by members for duplicating a post into a tribe’s feed. We make no exceptions on this matter as it’s essentially violating every tribemate’s social influence.

How to add a photo to a post

If you are using the Triberr plugin, your posts on Triberr should include the photos you used on your blog. If you are not using the plugin your posts may contain just text. To draw the attention of your tribemates to your post, you can easily add a photo by editing your post in Triberr.

How do I sort posts in my tribal stream?

There are several ways to sort posts in your tribal stream. You can access available options by clicking on the New Posts button.   Then select which method you would like to sort by from the drop down box.

What is a Sticky Post?

A sticky post is paid feature that allows authors to stick their post at the top of their tribemates Tribal Stream. Normally a Tribal Stream is sorted by time, with the newest posts on top. If your tribemates logs in hours or days after your post was published, it’s likely that your tribemates may not see it, because it’s buried beneath newer posts. By making your post sticky, your post will stay at the top of your Tribemates streams until they share or hide it, or until the posts 5 day lifespan is up. Sticky posts are a one time, Read more

Why aren’t my posts showing up in my tribemates stream?

There could be several reasons why your posts aren’t showing up for your tribemates. Walk through the following checklist to troubleshoot. Is my post being imported into Triberr? Import help. Using the Triberr WP plugin. Is the blog my post came from assigned to my tribes? Help assign my blog to my tribes. Is there an error in the post status? Help with scheduling errors. Is my post paused? Help unpausing a post.

How do I resend posts in Triberr?

If you’re in a Triberr campaign, you can resend posts by going to “My Posts” then click on the “Resend” button. After a post is resent, it will appear green.   A resent post will appear in the Tribal Stream for all tribemates, even those who have approved your post previously. It will also be considered “sticky” meaning, it will stay at the top of the tribal stream until approved, deleted or 1 week passes.