The right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe

Atomic tribes (sometimes known as Automatic Tribes) are a special kind of tribe owned by Triberr premium members (aka Primes) where only the Chief’s content is shared. ATs make sharing completely frictionless, but they are not for everyone. They are really only for superfans and employees. So, what is the right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe? The Right Way A subtle Call to Action on the bottom of the post, in the form of a text, the way Adam C. did it in this post. (see image below)   A very bold and obvious call to action the Read more

How do I access my feeds?

Your feeds are located under Settings/My Blogs   You can assign up to 2 feeds if you have a free accounts. You can have up to 4 feeds with Prime Lite account. You can have up to 7 feeds with Prime membership. To add a new RSS feed to Triberr, follow these steps: Go to your Blog Details page following the above steps (Account -> Settings -> My Blogs) Click on the Add Blogs button Enter your feed detail on the overlay window that pops up Read details on how to Find your RSS Feed URL Once assigned, feeds are Read more

How do I cancel Prime or Prime Lite membership?

Prime and Prime Lite memberships are paypal based recurring subscriptions. The most direct way to cancel a membership is to do so through paypal: If you’re having trouble, send us an email, and we can cancel it on our side. Very Important: Because of the way Triberr and PayPal communicate, your Prime services will stop as soon as you cancel your subscription. So even if you are part way through a month, canceling your subscription will immediately cancel any Prime or Prime Lite benefits on Triberr. The best time to cancel is at the end of a billing cycle. If a billing Read more

How do I downgrade from Prime to Prime Lite?

Stripe Users Under the Stripe subscription model downgrading your subscription is a simple process. Simply navigate to your settings page then click on the Prime Membership tab. Follow the remaining steps below: Select a new plan from the drop down menu Click the Pay With Card Button A popup modal will appear requiring you to enter your payment information After entering your payment details click the “Pay” button Once the payment is successfully completed your account will immediately be downgraded to Prime lite If you downgrading during the middle of a subscription term your account will be prorated. The remaining Read more

How do I become a Prime Member?

If you are logged into Triberr, you can upgrade to Prime by clicking here:     Learn more about Memberships here

How many members can be in a tribe?

The size on a tribe can depend on a few factors including membership level and tribe type Membership Levels: Free Free members can create tribes that hold up to 30 members, not including the Chief. Upgrade to Prime Lite. Prime Lite: Prime Lite members can create tribes that hold up to 50 members, not including the Chief. Upgrade to Prime. Prime: Prime members can create tribes that hold up to 75 members, not including the Chief.   Automatic Tribes: Prime and Prime Lite members can create special Automatic tribes. Prime Lite: Prime Lite members can create Automatic Tribes that can hold Read more

What is an Automatic Tribe?

What is an Automatic Tribe? An Automatic (previously Atomic) tribe is one in which the followers automatically share the content of the Chief. How is an Automatic Tribe different than a Standard Tribe? In a Standard Tribe, all members see and can share each others content. In an Automatic Tribe, the Chief is the only person who has their content seen or shared. Why would one want to join an Automatic Tribe Followers of Automatic Tribe’s receive an email whenever the Chief posts making sure they never miss a post. They also save time by sharing the Chief’s posts automatically Read more

The Unveiling of the New Triberr

On February 18th, 2013 we rolled out a brand new user interface for Triberr to Prime and Prime Lite members. We invited everyone to a Google+ hangout to walk them through the new interface.