How to Connect Facebook Account / Reauthenticate Facebook Permissions

Below are steps to follow to connect a Facebook Account. How to Connect a Facebook Account 1) Login to Triberr and navigate to Settings > My Social Networks 2) Click Add Facebook Account 3) Follow the process and ensure you do not edit the permissions as Triberr needs permission to publish to Facebook. NOTE: If you are having cache issues and seeing the reauthentication notifications after connecting an account, please try to disconnect and reconnect the app once more as that typically resolves such issues (i.e., do the above steps twice). In a few cases, completely revoking the app and re-authenticating may Read more

How do I follow someone on Triberr?

Not only can you follow tribes and keywords, but you can also follow individuals. When you follow another member on Triberr their posts will show up in your stream for approval, and you also have the option of setting them to auto-share. You can follow members via streams by hover over their avatar image then select the follow icon located within the hover card.   Alternatively, you can go to the members profile page that you would like to follow. Next to their profile photo, click the gold “Follow” button      

How do I change my profile picture?

Triberr pulls your profile photo from whatever social network you’ve attached to your account. Your profile photo shows up on your profile page, as well as the top right corner of blue bar when logged in.   If you have attached multiple Twitter accounts you can choose which account to use as your preferred profile picture. Go to Account Settings -> My Social Networks and select the blue “Set Preferred” button next to the Twitter handle of your choice. If you multiple platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, connected to Triberr we will always default to your Twitter image Read more

How do I change my profile picture on Triberr?

Profile pictures on Triberr are pulled from the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts they’ve been connected to. By default, Triberr uses the Twitter profile picture as the primary profile picture on Triberr. If no Twitter account is connected, then Facebook’s profile picture is used. Finally, LinkedIn’s profile picture will be used as the profile picture if no Facebook account is connected. To update your profile picture on Triberr, simply update your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile picture, then login to Triberr. Upon login, Triberr will check if your profile data is up to date (checks every 6 hours).