Guidelines for Promoting A Post

Triberr is built upon the concept of community and reciprocity. We believe that content and community go hand-in-hand and ultimately this should be your greatest earmark when gauging what type of content you should promote on Triberr. However, because we value quality content and aim to maintain a safe space for our members we’ve compiled a basic set of guidelines to help you navigate this process. Prohibited Content We realize the basis of Tribes denotes that every Triberr member will have varying interests based on the Tribes you create and the people you choose to associate with. Afterall, Triberr was Read more

How to Promote A Post on Triberr

What is a promoted post on Triberr? A promoted post on Triberr is a feature that allows Triberr members to promote a post to their followers, tribes, and members of other relevant tribes. The promote post feature is available to all Triberr members, both free and premium. You can promote posts imported by you, imported by other tribemates, or external post links. Promote Post purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Post performance is based on a variety of factors including the quality of your content, its subject matter, your website, and your followers, and therefore Triberr cannot guarantee results. Quick Overview of Promote Post Read more

What is a Sticky Post?

A sticky post is paid feature that allows authors to stick their post at the top of their tribemates Tribal Stream. Normally a Tribal Stream is sorted by time, with the newest posts on top. If your tribemates logs in hours or days after your post was published, it’s likely that your tribemates may not see it, because it’s buried beneath newer posts. By making your post sticky, your post will stay at the top of your Tribemates streams until they share or hide it, or until the posts 5 day lifespan is up. Sticky posts are a one time, Read more