Where can I find my traffic and sharing stats?

In the upper right, click on your Account, then click on Profile. Locate one of your posts and click Stats link. This will show the number of first level shares (doesn’t show re-shares), as well as traffic.

How to view author stats

We recently changed the way you see author stats such as how many posts a tribemate has written, and how many times they’ve shared your post. First, hover over the author’s profile pic on the left of the tribal stream post: You should see a message that says, “loading” After a second or two, the author stats will appear over the post Move your mouse off of the stats pane to have the post reappear.  

How do I see who shared my posts?

Once Triberr imports your post, it will make it available for others in your tribe to share. To see who has shared your post, go to your post. Beneath each post is a blue link entitle “Stats”. Once clicked stats will open to display the different available stats for each post. You can select different tabs in the stats area to view different pieces of information . The Stats tab includes the number of clicks by geographical region. The Shared Post Tab includes the number of people who shared your post as well as their basic profile details The Awaiting Approval Tab displays Read more