Tribal Stream

What does affinity mean on Triberr?

Affinity means this person has recently shared a post of yours. Tribes is based on the principle of reciprocity. When you join a tribe, your tribemates support you by reading, commenting and sharing your content. In turn, you do the same. Now you don’t have to share every post your tribemates write, but it’s only right that every member of the tribe makes a concerted effort to participate. When a tribemate shares your post, Triberr labels their post as an “affinity” post, and moves it to the top of your stream.  

How do I sort posts in my tribal stream?

There are several ways to sort posts in your tribal stream. You can access available options by clicking on the New Posts or Tribes dropdown   Then select which method you would like to sort by from the drop down box.

What is a Sticky Post?

A sticky post is paid feature that allows authors to stick their post at the top of their tribemates Tribal Stream. Normally a Tribal Stream is sorted by time, with the newest posts on top. If your tribemates logs in hours or days after your post was published, it’s likely that your tribemates may not see it, because it’s buried beneath newer posts. By making your post sticky, your post will stay at the top of your Tribemates streams until they share or hide it, or until the posts 5 day lifespan is up. Sticky posts are a one time, Read more

How do I hide images in my Tribal Stream

Images can bring an element of visual interest and excitement to your Tribal Stream, but sometimes you need to keep things simple, and hide the visual distractions. Before:   After:   Directions: To control whether images show in the Tribal Stream, click the “Settings” button at the top of your stream, and adjust the bottom option.

What is Active?

“Active” shows which of your tribemates are currently online, and what posts they are reading. Click on a tribemates face, and you’ll be taken to the post they are reading. You can use the Live Conversations section to have a conversation with them about the post.  

Why aren’t my posts showing up in my tribemates stream?

There could be several reasons why your posts aren’t showing up for your tribemates. Walk through the following checklist to troubleshoot. Is my post being imported into Triberr? Import help. Using the Triberr WP plugin. Is the blog my post came from assigned to my tribes? Help assign my blog to my tribes. Is there an error in the post status? Help with scheduling errors. Is my post paused? Help unpausing a post.

How do I load new posts in my Tribal Stream?

  There are two ways to load more posts into your Tribal Stream Scroll down the page – as you near the bottom of the page, Triberr will automatically load more posts Click the blue “New Posts” box that appears to the left of the Tribal Stream The “New Posts” box will show you when you have a new post added to your Tribal Stream. By clicking the box, Triberr will insert the latest posts into the top of your Tribal Stream.  

If I am in multiple tribes with someone, which tribe will their post show up under?

It’s not uncommon to be in multiple tribes with the same people. When that happens, how does Triberr decide which tribe to show the post under in the Tribal Stream?   To keep duplicate posts from appearing in your Tribal Stream, Triberr only shows 1 of each post, even if the Tribemate is in multiple tribes with you. If you want to see the same post come through a different tribe, perhaps because you have a different social network connected to the other tribe, you can select the “Sorting” drop down from the top. Choose the tribe you would like to see posts from. Read more

Why don’t I see posts from all my tribe mates when I sort my Tribal Stream

When we first created Triberr, you were only allowed to join 1 tribe. Can you believe that? If you were a part of a tribe, you could create a new tribe, and invite others who weren’t yet on Triberr, but you couldn’t invite existing Triberr members who belonged to another tribe. A few months into it, members started to request the ability to join multiple tribes. We built the functionality, but it created a problem… What if there was overlap in my tribes? Meaning I’m in 2 or more tribes with the same people? Would their posts show up in my Tribal Read more

How do I select which social networks a post will be shared with?

When you approve a post to be shared on Triberr, it schedules that post to be sent to any social networks you have assigned to the tribe that post originated in. To change which social networks are assigned to your tribes, go to Account Settings -> Social Networks   Click on the blue button that says, “Assign Tribes”   Deselect any social network that you don’t want a post sent to when you approve a post from that tribe. You can also do this on a post by post basis. After you approve a post, there will be a blue Read more