How do I promote a member to Chief?

If you would like to turn over your tribe to someone else you just need to promote them to Chief. 1) Click on “Tribes” at the top of the site nav bar 2) Click on the tribe name you want to edit 3) Click on the members tab 4) Next to the member you want to promote, click the “action” drop down, and select “Make Chief”

How do I join a tribe?

There are two ways to join a tribe Follow a tribe, then get promoted to a member Get an invite to a tribe If you have an invite, you can simply accept the invite and you are in. Below is a step by step guide. Login to Triberr, and click the “Tribes” link at the top of the page Look at the right hand column of the tribes page Click on the tribe name to visit the tribe, then look for the green “Join” button You’re in! Leave a little welcome message to introduce yourself to the tribe

How do I “protect” my tribe from being followed?

  By default, tribes are open to anyone who would like to follow it. Some tribes may not want to let anyone jump in the tribe as a follower. For those tribes the Chief can choose to “protect” the tribe. This means that the only way for someone to come into the tribe is through an invite from the Chief. To protect a tribe, go to the tribe page and click the “settings” button to the right of the “conversations” tab.   Inside the “settings” overlay, check the “Protect my Tribe” checkbox.  

How To UnFollow a Tribe

In the Tribe Member area, click the Leave button. Here’s a step by step: In the blue top navigational bar, click on Tribes From the list of tribes, click on the tribe you want to unfollow Click on Members tab to show all members Click Leave

How do I change the name of my tribe?

  To change the name of your Tribe, click on the “Tribes” link in the top nav. On the Tribes page, select the tribe you would like to edit. Inside the tribe, click the “Settings” button above the “Write Something” box.   On the Tribe Settings dialog box, edit the “Tribe Name” field, and click “Save”

How do I delete a tribe?

The most important thing to note about deleting a tribe is that you must first remove all tribe members and followers. You may also choose to promote a new Chief. To delete a tribe, click on the “Tribes” navigation button at the top. Then click on the tribe you would like to delete. Click the “Members” tab, and next to your name click the “Close Tribe” button   Obviously you must be the Chief of a tribe to close it.

How do I assign my blogs to a tribe?

Triberr works by gathering groups of bloggers into a group called a tribe. Each member can then assign a blog to that tribe, so posts from that blog are shown to tribemates to share. Here we’ll walk through assigning a blog to a tribe. 1. Go to Settings 2. Click the My Blogs tab 3. Click the Assign Tribes button 4. The assignment window A window will appear listing all your tribes with a drop down under each tribe listing your blogs.     5. Select the blog Choose which blog you would like to assign to your tribe. Remember, Read more

Why can’t I invite a follower to my tribe?

Inviting to Engagement Tribe If you are attempting to invite a member to an engagement tribe but the option does not appear. The member may not have a social network account connected.   Member already following your tribe If a member is following your tribe, there is no need to invite them to your tribe. Instead, you can simply promote them to a member by going to your tribe page. Click the “Members” tab. Find their name in your members list, and click the “Action” drop down. Then select, “Make Member”.