Why can’t I invite a follower to my tribe?

    If a member is following your tribe, there is no need to invite them to your tribe. Instead, you can simply promote them to a member by going to your tribe page. Click the “Members” tab. Find their name in your members list, and click the “Action” drop down. Then select, “Make Member”.

How does Triberr work?

At its core, Triberr is a platform to manage groups called Tribes. A tribe is a group of people, typically bloggers, who write about the same topics. For example, if I like blogger about food, I would look for a tribe that consists of other food bloggers. Once you’ve identified a tribe to join, you can start by “following” the tribe. When you “follow” a tribe, you are joining the group as an observer. This means you can see and share blog posts from the group, but they can’t see or share your blog posts. This is like an introduction Read more

How many members can be in a tribe?

The size on a tribe can depend on a few factors including membership level and tribe type Membership Levels: Free Free members can create tribes that hold up to 30 members, not including the Chief. Upgrade to Prime Lite. Prime Lite: Prime Lite members can create tribes that hold up to 50 members, not including the Chief. Upgrade to Prime. Prime: Prime members can create tribes that hold up to 75 members, not including the Chief.   Automatic Tribes: Prime and Prime Lite members can create special Automatic tribes. Prime Lite: Prime Lite members can create Automatic Tribes that can hold Read more

What is an Automatic Tribe?

What is an Automatic Tribe? An Automatic (previously Atomic) tribe is one in which the followers automatically share the content of the Chief. How is an Automatic Tribe different than a Standard Tribe? In a Standard Tribe, all members see and can share each others content. In an Automatic Tribe, the Chief is the only person who has their content seen or shared. Why would one want to join an Automatic Tribe Followers of Automatic Tribe’s receive an email whenever the Chief posts making sure they never miss a post. They also save time by sharing the Chief’s posts automatically Read more

How do I promote a tribe follower to a member?

A tribe will typically have many followers, and only a handful of members. To become a member, the Chief must either send you a tribe invite, or if you are always a follower of the tribe, they can promote you to a member from with in the tribe. To promote a follower to a member: Navigate to the tribe. Click on the “Members” tab Click on the “Action” drop down next to the member you want to promote Select “Make Member”

What are tribe followers?

A tribe consists of both members and followers. Members share their tribemates content, and their content is shared by their tribemates. In order to become a member you must either receive an invite from the tribe’s Chief, or the Chief must promote you from follower to member. Followers share their tribemates content, but their content is not seen or shared by their tribemates. Followers may join any tribe, unless that tribe is protected. They may also participate in the tribe council.

How do I remove someone from my Tribe?

Only Chief’s have the ability to remove a member or follow from their tribe. To remove a follower or member: Navigate to the tribe. Click on the “Members” tab Click on the “Action” drop down next to the member you want to remove Select “Remove Member”

How do I invite someone to my tribe?

To invite someone to your tribe, click on their member profile, or search for their name in the top navigation search box: In the search results page, click on their image to view their profile page. On their profile page, click the “Send Tribe Invite” drop down to show tribes that you are the Chief of. Click on the tribe name to send that member an invite.

How do I create a tribe?

      You can create a new tribe by clicking the “Tribes” link in the top navigation bar. Once on the “Tribes” page, click the “+ New tribe” square:   The “+ New Tribe” square will create an overlay on the page where you can provide a few details on your new tribe. After you save the details, your new tribe will be created, and you will be redirected to the tribe page.