Triberr Membership Plan Increase

Official Announcement On September 15, 2017, Triberr’s membership plan prices will increase. However, if you are an existing Prime Lite or Prime member you will be grandfathered in as our legacy customers.   If you’re a premium member there’s nothing to do but continue using Triberr as usual. Your rate will not be impacted so long as you maintain an active subscription.    If you’re a free member the free plan will remain free. However, if you decide to upgrade your plan after September 15, 2017, you will be required to pay the new increased rate.  Lock In Your Legacy Rate Read more

Guidelines for Promoting A Post

Triberr is built upon the concept of community and reciprocity. We believe that content and community go hand-in-hand and ultimately this should be your greatest earmark when gauging what type of content you should promote on Triberr. However, because we value quality content and aim to maintain a safe space for our members we’ve compiled a basic set of guidelines to help you navigate this process. Prohibited Content We realize the basis of Tribes denotes that every Triberr member will have varying interests based on the Tribes you create and the people you choose to associate with. Afterall, Triberr was Read more

How to re-share same Blog post?

To re-share the same post, simply navigate to Queue and in that select Sent Posts, and click on“Reshare” Button. That will put that post into the Queue again for resharing.  

RSS Feed Specifications and Troubleshooting Guide

Note: This help document will provide best practices when adding your blog to triberr, as well as a troubleshooting guide when posts are not importing into triberr.  Following some of these steps will ensure that triberr will properly crawl your rss feed and import your latest blogs.   Section 1: What is an RSS Feed?   RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a way by which Triberr imports your new posts and presents them to your tribemates for sharing. So, it’s very important that your RSS is configured correctly. You can find your RSS feed’s address in few different ways. 1.1 Read more

Failed Payment Issues

If you miss a payment via PayPal, your account will be suspended and will no longer have access to Triberr’s amazing features. In order to bring your account back to good standing with Triberr, follow these steps: Step 1: Log In to your PayPal account. Step 2: Click the account settings button (1) first, followed by the “Payments” tab (2). Finally click the “Preapproved Payments” (3) button.   Step 3: Once you are on your “Preapproved Payments” page, locate your Triberr subscription and pay any outstanding balance in full, and ensure that your PayPal account is in good standing. While optional, we highly recommend Read more

Bonfire Community Standards

Bonfires are a place for you to interact with your fellow tribesman! While we encourage you to be socially active, there are a few rules every Triberr user must follow: No Spamming – Please make only one post per topic. You may have as many posts as you like, so long as they are not all the same. No Foul Language – If a bonfire is found to have language in bad taste, we will remove the entire thread immediately. Self-Promotion Bonfires – These will be removed. Bonfires are not the place for you to boast about your blog. Your blog Read more

What does “Awaiting Approval” mean?

Every time you share a post from your tribal stream by hovering over the little green box, you are approving that post to be shared across your social channels (Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else you’ve added to your profile). The same is true of your tribemates. Whenever Triberr imports your latest post, that post appears in all of your tribemate’s streams. In order for the post to be shared across your tribemate’s social channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), your tribemates must approve your post (hover over the little green box to share). Awaiting Approval means that your tribemates haven’t scheduled Read more

How to unmute someone?

If you muted someone, you can unmute them by clicking on Tribes in your top navigation bar. On the right hand side, you will see a section for muted members. You may need to scroll down a bit if you have a lot of pending invitations. Click “Show All” to see all muted members. Control their muted status from there.

How to add Paypal email to your Triberr account

In order for Triberr to pay you for your participation in a campaign, we’ll need your Paypal email address. Here’s how to add it to your profile. Click on Account, then click on Settings. See image.   You will see several tabs. Click on Contact Settings tab. You will see the Paypal email field. Fill it out with your Paypal email and submit. See image.