How to access W9 form for resubmitting

If your W9 is missing some information, we may ask you to resubmit. Here’s the 1, 2, 3 step on how to access W9 form. Note: Make sure all fields are completed before you scroll down and click on the green “I have completed the above form”. Once you click on “Click here to resubmit” you will see a green button that will recall the W9 form and allow you to refill it. Once completed, click on “I have completed the above form”.

How do I track campaign activity?

In order to get paid for your work as an Influencer, you must complete the campaign milestones. Of course you also want to show the campaign manager that you actually completed the milestones, so this is where activity tracking comes in.

How do I change the name of my tribe?

  To change the name of your Tribe, click on the “Tribes” link in the top nav. On the Tribes page, select the tribe you would like to edit. Inside the tribe, click the “Settings” button above the “Write Something” box.   On the Tribe Settings dialog box, edit the “Tribe Name” field, and click “Save”

What is a campaign?

Triberr is home to tens of thousands of Influencers – bloggers and social media enthusiasts with large audiences and followings. Approved partners can hire these Influencers to promote and endorse their produces and services as spokesmen. This is managed through a campaign, where multiple Influencers work together as a team to meet a single brand goal. If you are a marketing agency with medium to large clients, and you would like to be considered as an approved partner, we would love to hear from you. If you are a blogger or social media enthusiast who would like to be considered for an upcoming Influencer Marketing campaign, Read more

What does, “Exceeds Max Approvals” mean?

The, “Exceeds Max Approvals” lets you know that you have approved the maximum number of posts at one time. In the follow image you can see that I have used 2 out of my 100 approvals. The 100 number represents the total number of posts I can approve at once, not the number of posts in my stream. The maximum number of posts you can approve at once time depends on your membership level. Free members can approve up to 100 posts at a time Prime Lite members can approve up to 120 posts at a time Prime members can approve up Read more

How do I disable auto-sharing a tribemate’s posts

There are 2 ways to remove an auto-share user. The first way is to navigate to any of the users posts and hover over their thumbnail. In the drop down, a “Auto-Share” button will appear where you may select to activate or disable auto-sharing. The second way it to navigate to the tribes page – Tribes Page – and remove the user on auto-share.   Disabling Auto-Share Go to the “Tribes” page. On the right hand side is a heading titled, “Auto-Sharing”. Click on “Show all” to display all the people you are auto-sharing.   If you are in an Atomic Read more

What does an inactive tribe mean?

What does inactive mean? When a tribe is labeled as “inactive” it means that you have not shared a post from anyone in that tribe in over 30 days, and your member stats has moved to “inactive”. As an inactive member, you may still interact with the tribe using the Tribe Council area, but your posts won’t be seen or shared by that tribe, and you won’t see or share posts from that tribe. How does one become inactive? A tribe is built around the active participation of all members. If you are not actively sharing content from a tribe at least Read more

How do I assign my blogs to a tribe?

Triberr works by gathering groups of bloggers into a group called a tribe. Each member can then assign a blog to that tribe, so posts from that blog are shown to tribemates to share. Here we’ll walk through assigning a blog to a tribe. 1. Go to Settings 2. Click the My Blogs tab 3. Click the Assign Tribes button 4. The assignment window A window will appear listing all your tribes with a drop down under each tribe listing your blogs.     5. Select the blog Choose which blog you would like to assign to your tribe. Remember, Read more

Why is my post marked as “failed”?

In order to keep tribe activity balanced, there is a maximum number of posts you can share with your tribes each week. Tribe Limits: Free Members – 14 posts every 7 days Prime Lite – 28 posts every 7 days Prime – 49 posts every 7 days   If you have imported more posts than your membership level allows, those additional posts will be marked as “failed”   How do I reactivate failed posts? If you are a free or Prime Lite member, you can upgrade your membership level then click the “retry” button next to your post. If you are already a Read more