This is a running list of the updates made to the Triberr application:

2017-03-15- Major Upgrade

  • Added – Implementation of seperate sharing frequency
  • Improved – Display different times for already shared posts in queue
  • Improved – Timestamp of shared items
  • Improved – Delete post warnings and language precision
  • Added – Follow Triberr users functionality upon hovering over their profile image
  • Updated – Twitter profiles logic
  • Updated – Triberr favicon

2017-03-10 – Major Upgrade and Fixes

  • Upgrade – System architecture, AWS Migration
  • Administrative – Cron and Database snapshots
  • Administrative – Pre and Post Migration Regression Testing
  • Updated – New maintenance page
  • Resolved – Twitter profile images not working
  • Improved – Timestamp of shared items
  • Improved – Delete post warnings and language precision

2017-02-20 – Minor Updates and Fixes

  • Improved- Google short links update
  • Added – Hide post mobile functionality
  • Added – Added footer to all app pages
  • Resolved – Appending links incorrectly
  • Updated – Removing erroneous gear icons
  • Resolved – User following and unfollowing functionality
  • Resolved – Lazy loading for posts

2017-02-10 – Minor Changes and Misc. Bug Fixes

  • Updated – Post Slide-in functionality
  • Updated – Change author functionality
  • Updated – For support, admin features
  • Improved -“Last shared” stats for tribe members
  • Improved – Reshare items in queue upon completion of initial share
  • Removed – Books from Triberr app
  • Removed – Erroneous CSS from login page
  • Resolved – Accessibility to Stats
  • Removed – “More of what you asked for” Text and Image link
  • Resolved – Notifications management
  • Updated – Assign tribes design consistency
  • Updated – Internal Admin features

2017-02-03 – Minor Changes and Misc. Bug Fixes

  • Updated – Facebook connection, account settings fix
  • Added – Delete stream usability
  • Improved – My social networks tab
  • Added – For developer purposes, heatmapping to improve user experience
  • Updated – Linkedin, account settings fix
  • Resolved – Assign tribes member limitations

2017-01-27 – Minor Changes and Misc. Bug Fixes

  • Resolved – Sent post image bug
  • Improved – Hide post functionality
  • Updated – Leave Triberr functionality
  • Improved – Tribe settings
  • Add – Support widget for ease of access
  • Updated – Add to Queue button
  • Updated – Live conversations fix

2017-01-09 – Major Upgrade (UI)

  • Upgrade – Complete upgrade of Triberr UI
  • Updated – Sticky post logic to prevent promotion before post is process properly
  • Updated – Twitter API Authentication errors
  • Updated – Clean out tables when no social account is attached
  • Updated – Fix display of Facebook limits when Facebook accounts are not attached
  • Updated – Fix blank screens occuring during Tribe creation process
  • Improved – Post settings icon visibility
  • Updated  – Tribe invites member level fix
  • Updated – For support purposes, bonfire support fix
  • Updated – Total Queue count fix
  • Updated – For support purpose, user limit monitoring fix
  • Improved – Leave Triberr functionality
  • Updated – Post sending timestamp

2016-12-28 – Minor Change.

  • Updated – Expiration Message Change.

2016-12-22 – Incremental Bug Fix.

  • Updated – Depart time fix.
  • Updated – User Invite fix.

2016-12-15 – Minor Change.

  • Updated –  Blog import, approved post count fix.
  • Updated – Updating week count from 5 days to 7 days to fix import

2016-12-14 – Changes.

  • Updated – Adding post date on stream tabs except for approved post.
  • Updated – Fix for approved post count.
  •  Added – Delete functionality.
  • Updated – Update text, changes in queue time display.
  • Updated – Queue changes, email change.
  • Updated – Removing post date.
  • Updated – Updating spacing in sent stream.
  • Updated – Changing sort order in queue.
  • Updated – Changing default mail function .
  • Updated –  Updating base URL: bonfire.

2016-12-12 – Minor Change.

  • Added – Alert text when a user removes social account.

2016-12-07 – Minor Changes in UI for Major Update.

  • Added – Info message in social networks tab on settings page.
  • Added – Social media Icons to “add to queue” button.
  • Updated – Icon for Single social media

2016-12-05 – Incremental Bug Fixes

  • Added – The re-authorization button in settings page when token of Social media expires
  • Added – User will receive the message if he/she has crossed the limits,more than its membership level limits.
  • Updated – Time Ago Functions, Alert Box, Formatting.
  • Added –  Token expiration alert to all pages.
  • Updated – Managing Social media redirection.

2016-11-03 – Incremental Bug Fixes

  • Updated – Receiving ‘Service Unavailable’ error when trying to access some pages
  • Updated – One Users post does not reach Twitter
  • Added – Messaging when reaching queue limit incorrect for a few users
  • Updated – Uploaded Header Image with same file name as other overwrites it, even between users
  • Updated – Image update to handle only jpg, png, gif uploads
  • Added – Warning to users when they try to add a social account already connected to another Triberr account
  • Administrative – Remove back-up Twitter App (never used) reference to have proper logging
  • Updated – Slow Queries analysis over 2 days
  • Updated – Selecting Campaigns tab highlights both Campaigns and Queue tabs
  • Updated – Mobile Nav is unusable upon expanding Account & Search sections
  • Added – Forced SSL blogs erroring on import
  • Updated – Nav Menu – Search by Topics Not working
  • Updated – Posts not importing Images for a few users
  • Updated – Manual Check Feed for some users not showing responses.
  • Updated – Few users reported tweets and FB shares are not successfully posting to social media
  • Updated – Timestamps are not displaying correctly
  • Updated – Click Stats on Country Map not working
  • Updated – Optimize Table calls for tribal_stream and cron_blob_storage running during backup are causing backup to fail
  • Updated – Down Arrow on Prod formatting is smaller than normal
  • Updated – Auto-shared Posts have random amount of time added to them

2016-09-22 – Bug Fixes for Major Update

List of Changes applied from 9/10 to 9/22:

  • Updated – counts for number of items in queue under “Add to Queue” button
  • Updated – Profile and Tribal Stream pages to remember if a user has scheduled a post and change the “Add to Queue” button to reflect that status.
  • Updated – New Queue page to allow for unscheduling/rescheduling of queued posts
  • Updated – issues with editing Post Titles, particularly titles with special characters (quotes and double quotes)
  • Updated – RSS Feed error handling to more gracefully handle errors with received data that was causing some blog posts not to be imported.
  • Resolved – issues related to MySQL upgrade and treatment of null values preventing some users blog posts from being imported
  • Resolved – issue with User’s Avatar image to show a default image if the image URL is broken.
  • Resolved – issue with Blog URL link on profile page not properly linking user to blogs using https
  • Resolved – issues with importing Post Descriptions for users with BlogSpot blogs
  • Updated – adjust to blue logo for Share Now on StumbleUpon button
  • Improved – handling of tweet text when sharing on twitter to more gracefully handle long titles
  • Improved – Manual Check Feed reporting to move to an alert box and add additional message at top.
  • Improved – profile page styling at certain resolutions to fix avatar image box styling issues (box would overlap cover image in some cases)
  • Updated – Loading graphic when loading more posts at bottom of Stream Page
  • Updated – efficiency of underlying queries for Stream, Tribal Stream, and Profile pages to improve page load performance
  • Updated – Tribe Conversations so that a reply to an existing message would appear in the conversation once a user posted it without reloading the page.

2016-09-09 – First Major Update

First series of changes to the Triberr app focused on back-end improvements:

  • Removed – Hard-coded links and social media connections & build ability to support multi-environments (UAT/Dev/Prod)
  • Removed – Hover to share functionality (now always click-to-share)
  • Renamed – Share button to “Add to Queue”
  • Updated – Unhide manual share now buttons for easier access
  • Updated – Finding an Awesome Tribe Dropdown to display “business” as selected category when clicking on Explore New Tribes tab on the Tribes Page
  • Updated – for developer purposes, /con folder and renamed to /conn, updated references to folder throughout code
  • Updated – Small spelling updates to some text/menus throughout site
  • Updated – issue with Private messaging