What is Reach

Reach is the combined number of followers your tribemates have. It represents the number of potential eyeballs that may see your content once it’s shared by your tribemates.

Currently we only calculate Twitter, but soon Facebook, and other social networks will be added.

A word of warning from Nicole Cook.

WARNING: Do not get caught up in a numbers game. At the beginning, I had a reach of over 700,000 people amongst the tribes I was in. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was terrified when I decided to leave a few tribes that my stats would fall. But that actually didn’t happen. Guess what? They rose. Because now I am in Tribes that match my niche, their followers are engaged which is truly the most important part– (it’s hard to be engaged with users when you have thousands of people you’re following and you’re not actually “talking” to them, but just spurting out tweets all day to posts you haven’t read.) I wound up with hundreds of new followers, tons of new readers that actively visit daily or near daily and engagement – actually getting to know other bloggers. That was my goal and I was successful. Originally, I was not getting near the number of hits I have gotten in the past several months after removing myself from those huge tribes with no specific niche. I will stress it again, use Triberr wisely – it’s not as much about the reach as you think if you’re not in the right tribes. So while your reach may decrease by leaving a tribe that doesn’t fit, if you join up in another tribe that is more your niche, even with smaller numbers – you’ll watch your stats climb.

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Why are some posts tagged as promotional?

Triberr uses a simple word filter to weed out potential posts which may be promotional.

The following words are promotional:

free, coupon, deal, bundle, discount, giveaway, hurry, shipping, $, register, shop, sample, savings, freebies, hop, off!, earn, winner, cash, promotion, guarantee, guaranteed, order, win, swagbucks, coupons, deals, winner, winners, cheap, rafflecopter, prize, off!!, off!!!, contest, sponsor, %, giveaways, g!ve, give@way.

You can still send these out manually (using the tweet, facebook, and other share buttons), or you can change the offending word to a similar word, thus editing the shared text.

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Can I use bit.ly or another link shortener with Triberr?

Not right now.

We’re currently setup to only work with goo.gl. We may add additional shorteners in the future, but no immediate plans to do so.

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What social networks does Triberr work with?


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Does Triberr have an API?

Yes, but it’s not public facing yet. We plan on releasing it mid-2013.

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Does Triberr have a mobile app?

Not yet. The current version of our website is responsive, but we have not yet developed a mobile app.
If you know any iOS or Android programmers who would like to work with us, have them get in touch.

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