How to create a Triberr account


Creating an account on Triberr can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Select a category on the homepage
  • Choose a tribe you want to follow
  • Follow a tribe and create an account

Step 1: Select a category



Tribes are groups of bloggers. Each tribe is categorized so that new bloggers exploring the site can find a tribe of similar bloggers.

Step 2: Choose a tribe you want to follow


Step 3: Follow a tribe and create an account


You can get a feel for who is in the tribe by checking out posts showcased on the tribes page. Once you find a tribe that you like reading their content, and you think they will like reading yours, click “Follow Tribe”

Once you click “Follow Tribe” you’ll be prompted to sign up




After you register your name, email and blog URL, you’ll be asked to connect a social media account. Triberr is designed for easy reading and sharing of content, so connecting either your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account makes it easy to simply approve a post you’d like to share with your social networks, and Triberr will handle the scheduling and delivery.

As a follower, you’ll be given the opportunity to read and share your follow tribemates post. If you are a blogger, and would like your post to be seen and shared by your tribemates, you can request to be promoted to a member.