How to pin your campaign activity to the Activity stream

Pinning your campaign-related activity to the Activity stream is paramount to your payout.

There is a direct correlation between your recorded activity and your ability to collect campaign payout.

I stress this because the only way for the brand to track your activity is for you to ensure ALL campaign-related activity is recorded. I hope saying this 3 times has stressed the importance of adding the pinning activity to your routine. ­čÖé

How to pin your activity to the Activity stream

In the top navigation bar, click on Tribes, then click on the campaign tribe.

For example, to get to the Almay tribe managed by M80, I perform the steps pictured below.



Once you’re inside the tribe, click on the Activity tab. Like so:



And finally, enter the relevant information.

If it’s a blog post, enter the title and the link. Like so:


If it’s a tweet, Facebook share, a Pinterest pin, a mention on a podcast, youtube video or G+ hangout, or any other non-blog related activity, select other.

2 Responses to “How to pin your campaign activity to the Activity stream”

  1. Frances

    I never considered pinning a campaign, and I don’t understand enough about this method. From the looks of your photos, are you posting your blog manually into Triberr? Because all of my posts automatically go into Triberr when I hit “publish” on my blog. Most of the time this is great, but it has also caused me a few troubles on the rare. How is what you’re showing us different than letting a post automatically publish? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. Dino Dogan

    Hi Frances,

    Yes, Triberr imports your newest posts into the stream without you having to do anything. if this ever becomes an issue, you can pause or delete imported posts in your My Stream. Here’s how to get there

    This post about pinning activity to your Activity stream is written for campaigners. It’s not something thats done or even needed by regular members.

    If you ever apply for one of our influencer campaigns, then this Activity bit will make lot more sense.