How do I share posts on Triberr?

Hover your cursor over the square Approve button and the button will know that your intention is to approve that post for sharing.

How to share posts on Triberr?

This is aligned with Triberr’s philosophy of making blogger’s lives easier. We want bloggers to get more our of doing less.

Everything we do reflects the the implied deal we make with you when you join the Triberr community. You focus on writing amazing content, we will focus on getting you eyeballs and making things that you already do much, much easier. 🙂

Alternatively, you can switch to the “old” method of Approving posts and loading the stream by going to Settings, and selecting the old method. See image below.

how to approve posts on triberr

11 Responses to “How do I share posts on Triberr?”

  1. Nicky Wells

    Morning! When I ‘hover’ my mouse over the square ‘approve’ box, it just turns into ‘don’t move’ and nothing else happens; the posts certainly don’t go into my ‘approved’ stream. When I refresh the page, all the posts in my stream turn up again and the square box asks to ‘approve’ again … when I hover my mouse, it turns the box into ‘don’t move’… and so it goes. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Christi Barth

    When I hover my cursor over ‘approve’ – it changes it to ‘don’t move’ instead of ‘approved.

  3. Dino Dogan

    we just updated things to enable the old way of approving. It should be compatible with a wider range of browser.

    Instructions on how to switch are in the post above.

  4. JC Andrijeski

    I keep getting the message when I try to approve posts “Exceeds Max Approvals” What does this mean? Why can’t I approval other people’s posts? It doesn’t seem to matter if I use the old format or new, it won’t let me approval more than one every few minutes or so.

  5. commander

    Hi Heather,
    Try removing your Twitter account, then adding it back in. Make sure that you assign it to your tribes after adding it back in.

  6. Nathalie

    I accidentally hovered over a post that I don’t want to share. Something about marriage and sex that I haven’t read and would like to remove from the queue if possible. Can I do that? If so, how? Thanks.

  7. Dino Dogan

    Yes, you can.

    Click on New Posts button in your stream and you’ll see a drop down for Approved stream. Click on Approved Stream and un-approve the post.

  8. Bradley

    Does tribber have a bookmark toolbar where one can just share a post they come across by just clicking on the bookmarker?

  9. charliepatel

    This is coming soon as we are in the midst of rewriting the entire app. It’ll be epic. Enjoy.