How to Promote A Post on Triberr

What is a promoted post on Triberr?

A promoted post on Triberr is a feature that allows Triberr members to promote a post to their followers, tribes, and members of other relevant tribes. The promote post feature is available to all Triberr members, both free and premium. You can promote posts imported by you, imported by other tribemates, or external post links.

Quick Overview of Promote Post Enhancements

  • Two Promote Post Options
    • Basic Boost
    • Tribe Boost
  • Can Import Internal and External Links
  • Promotion Duration Period: 5 Days
  • Can promote your posts and other tribemates posts
  • Posts that are actively being promoted cannot be promoted until the promotion expires
  • Stripe and Paypal options available

You can promote a post on Triberr using the following methods.


There are currently two methods you can use to promote posts on Triberr. The first method is to select the “Promote” link located at the bottom of each post located in your tribal stream, on your profile, or on another member’s profile. The image below displays the location of the promote post link.

promote post link


The second method you can use to promote a post is the promote post page located in the top navigation menu. This method will allow you to promote posts or articles that are not currently imported into Triberr’s system. The image below displays the Promote post page accessible via your primary navigation menu.

Promote Post Page


To Promote a post using the Promote Page in Your Navigation Bar

To promote a post using the promote page in your navigation bar simply selecting the text entitled “Promote” in your navigation menu.  You will then be directed to the promote post page. Once you arrive on the promote post page select the blue button located on the right-hand corner of the browser.

promote post button

after selecting the promote post button a popup modal will appear.

Triberr popup modal step 1

Using this method of promoting a post you have 2 options. You can promote a post from your stream by selecting the promote a post from my stream option. When selected the drop-down will populate posts that are available for promotion within your stream. Select a post from the drop-down menu then proceed to the next step.

Promoting a URL from the Web

You can also promote a post that has not already been imported into Triberr by selecting the “Enter a URL from the web” option. After selecting the web option you will need to enter the blog post or article url in the field provided. Once you’ve entered the url you can proceed to the next step. This feature is particularly useful when you need to promote a guest post or featured article that is not located on your blog.

Promote a URL


Step 2 in the Promote Post Modal

Triberr promote post modal

Please note that because this post has already been imported into Triberr the information including:

  • featured image
  • title
  • shortened link
  • destination url

will be prepopulated in the second step of the modal. You may edit the preloaded image and sharing text. However, editing the destination url and tracking link will disable tracking features.

The remaining fields within step two will need to be completed.

  • relevant category of the post to be promoted
  • tags (not hashtags) up to 5 per post
  • agreeing to terms of use

After completing Step 2 you may proceed to step 3 and enter the payment details.

Step 3 in the Promote Post Modal

In step 3 or the final step of the promote post feature you can select two different types of promote post options.

The distinction between the two options are outlined in detail in the corresponding sections below. After selecting the boost option you can choose to authorize a payment using our secure form or Paypal. A payment summary including the promotion option selected, the post url you are promoting, and the category of the post is provided within this section. Please ensure the details of the promoted post are accurate before authorizing payment.

promote post payment summary


If the information is accurate, select the submit payment button. After submitting the payment you will be led to a screen that details the successful promotion of your post. You will also be able to see a list of both your active and expired posts promotion of the Promote Post Page. * Please be mindful of the details on listed on the screen above including the Promotion Type, Promoted Post URL, and Category. Because this a pay per promotion model, once the transaction is processed canceling an active post will not automatically refund the payment. You can navigate to previous screens to make any necessary changes before completing the purchase.  If you made a mistake and noticed it after the promote post purchase is completed please contact us immediately via email to*


Triberr Active Expired Posts


To Promote a post using the Promote Link located in each post

To promote a Triberr post that has already been imported into Triberr simply locate the post you would like to import on Triberr. Then select the promote link located at the bottom of each post (as displayed in the image above). The promote link will lead you to directly second step of the Triberr Promote Post Modal. The process for step 2 and step 3 are the same as the method listed above.

The Different Types of Promote Post Options

There are two types promoted posts. The first type of the Basic Boost post. The second is the Tribe Boost.


The Basic Boost

The basic boost post is a regular promoted post. A basic boost will display the promoted post in the stream of Triberr members who follow you.

The Tribe Boost

The Tribe is an amplified promotion. A Tribe boost will also display the promoted post in the stream of Triberr members who follow you as well as in the Tribes relevant to the post’s category. For example if the category of your post is “Business” this promoted post will display in the Tribe activity of Tribes with a business category.

Managing Your Promoted Content

The following video is a brief overview of how to manage your promoted content on Triberr