What metrics does an Influencer Marketing campaign track?

Influencer Marketing campaigns on Triberr track several key metrics How many milestones each Influencer completed Content created, and where it is distributed How many shares, likes, +1’s and comments each piece of content receives How many clicks each piece of content receives How many referral visits each Influencer sends to a brand’s landing page   The system is setup to integrate nicely with Google Analytics. When you add a landing page to the system that you want to Influencers to drive traffic to, you can simply include Google Analytics campaign parameters so that all traffic is correctly attributed within Google Read more

How to view author stats

We recently changed the way you see author stats such as how many posts a tribemate has written, and how many times they’ve shared your post. First, hover over the author’s profile pic on the left of the tribal stream post: You should see a message that says, “loading” After a second or two, the author stats will appear over the post Move your mouse off of the stats pane to have the post reappear.