What are approved posts or the Queue?

The flow of a post through Triberr is as follows: Join a tribe When a member of your tribe posts on their blog, Triberr will import the post and will show it to you in your Tribal Stream Click “Add to Queue” on the posts you want to share across your social networks The “Approved” posts has been renamed as “Queue”, however the previous tab named “Approved” still exists. In future, it will be completed removed and the Queue will be the default method to view what’s being shared from your account to the social networks. Once a post has Read more

Why don’t I see posts from all my tribe mates when I sort my Tribal Stream

When we first created Triberr, you were only allowed to join 1 tribe. Can you believe that? If you were a part of a tribe, you could create a new tribe, and invite others who weren’t yet on Triberr, but you couldn’t invite existing Triberr members who¬†belonged¬†to another tribe. A few months into it, members started to request the ability to join multiple tribes. We built the functionality, but it created a problem… What if there was overlap in my tribes? Meaning I’m in 2 or more tribes with the same people? Would their posts show up in my Tribal Read more