automatic tribes

How do I automatically share a tribemates post?

Auto-sharing saves time by automatically approving and sending posts from tribemates you’ve placed on auto-share. You can place up to 7 people on Auto. To place more of your favorite bloggers to Auto, upgrade to Prime. Prime Lite members can place up to 25 tribemates on Auto Prime members can place up to 100 tribemates on Auto Enabling Auto-Sharing You can place a tribemate on auto-share by hovering over their avatar in the Tribal Stream.   Disabling Auto-Sharing Once Auto-Sharing is enabled, you can disable it inside the Tribes area.       Learn more about Memberships here

What is an Automatic Tribe?

What is an Automatic Tribe? An Automatic (previously Atomic) tribe is one in which the followers automatically share the content of the Chief. How is an Automatic Tribe different than a Standard Tribe? In a Standard Tribe, all members see and can share each others content. In an Automatic Tribe, the Chief is the only person who has their content seen or shared. Why would one want to join an Automatic Tribe Followers of Automatic Tribe’s receive an email whenever the Chief posts making sure they never miss a post. They also save time by sharing the Chief’s posts automatically Read more