How to upload a screen shot as an Influencer campaign milestone

  Most of the time you can track a campaign milestone completion by giving a URL to the completed activity, but there are times when a screen shot or image upload is necessary. Start by tracking the activity like normal. 1) Go to the campaign dashboard, and click the ‘Activity’ tab. Then hit the ‘Track Activity’ button.   2) Give your activity a title. It’s usually a post title, or a short description of what you did.  3) Make sure to include a URL. In most cases it will be a direct link to the page you’re taking a screen Read more

How do I start a countdown timer for an Influencer campaign?

  Countdown timers are a great way to make sure everyone in the campaign knows how much time they have left in the campaign to finish their milestones. After your Influencers have joined the campaign, you can start the countdown timer by clicking the green “Begin Countdown Timer” button from within the Campaign Dashboard, under Campaign Assets. When Influencers login to their dashboard they’ll see how much time they have left before the campaign closes. This is a global timer. Everyone sees the same time regardless of when they joined the campaign.