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How to Connect Facebook Account / Reauthenticate Facebook Permissions

Below are steps to follow to connect a Facebook Account. How to Connect a Facebook Account 1) Login to Triberr and navigate to Settings > My Social Networks 2) Click Add Facebook Account 3) Follow the process and ensure you do not edit the permissions as Triberr needs permission to publish to Facebook. NOTE: If you are having cache issues and seeing the reauthentication notifications after connecting an account, please try to disconnect and reconnect the app once more as that typically resolves such issues (i.e., do the above steps twice). In a few cases, completely revoking the app and re-authenticating may Read more

How do I select which social networks a post will be shared with?

When you approve a post to be shared on Triberr, it schedules that post to be sent to any social networks you have assigned to the tribe that post originated in. To change which social networks are assigned to your tribes, go to Account Settings -> Social Networks   Click on the blue button that says, “Assign Tribes”   Deselect any social network that you don’t want a post sent to when you approve a post from that tribe. You can also do this on a post by post basis. After you approve a post, there will be a blue Read more