Introduction to Triberr Curate

Curate is Triberr’s newest feature.   Triberr Curate gives you the ability to integrate different sources into your sharing flow. Now you can curate different content sources from within Triberr and immediately add it to your queue. Curate amplifies your sharing power by giving you greater control and flexibility over what you share and where you share it to. With curate Triberr member’s can now integrate RSS Feed Sources Any source with a valid and importable RSS feed Social Sources Facebook Page Twitter User Hashtag Search Term(s) YouTube User Channel Pinterest User Board Triberr Categories Aside from only being able to Read more

How to Promote A Post on Triberr

What is a promoted post on Triberr? A promoted post on Triberr is a feature that allows Triberr members to promote a post to their followers, tribes, and members of other relevant tribes. The promote post feature is available to all Triberr members, both free and premium. You can promote posts imported by you, imported by other tribemates, or external post links. Promote Post purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Post performance is based on a variety of factors including the quality of your content, its subject matter, your website, and your followers, and therefore Triberr cannot guarantee results. Quick Overview of Promote Post Read more