Triberr Influencer Campaigns are Different

Triberr influencer campaigns are different in two ways.

First, you’re endorsing a campaign as its spokesperson. And second, the campaign is executed collaboratively.

Let’s explain these two points in a greater detail.

You, the Spokesperson

Most influencer marketing campaigns involve a brand asking a blogger to write a post about it.

You’ll recognize these posts because they almost always include an apologetic statement about the blogger writing a “sponsored” post.

A Triberr campaign is not based on a single post. You’re hired for a specific length of time. Usually a month or more. During this time, you are a representative of the brand.

This changes the way you approach the campaign. The conversation changes from “oh, I’m so sorry for writing this sponsored post and making a few bucks” to “I’m representing the brand, so of course I’m going to write about it”. Subtle but important difference.

For example.

Advocacy of brands I work with is front and center for anyone who cares to see it.

My support of these brands is genuine and enthusiastic. Also, notice how I just disclosed my relationship with these brands while both promoting them AND bragging a little.

This is easy to do when the relationship between the blogger and the brand is properly matched.


We (Triberr) do our best to select only the most relevant bloggers for our influencer campaigns using our Selection Algorithm. We do this based on the information collected through Triberr itself (blog posts, profile info, etc.)

But there is also the Triberr culture, which contribues as much to the proper selection as the Selection Algorithm itself.

We expect -in fact, we demand- that bloggers self-select. Don’t join a campaign only for the money. Join because you believe your blog and your online presence are congruent with the campaign.

This way your support is genuine and enthusiastic. And this matters. A LOT.

Collaboration is Key

The other way in which Triberr campaigns are different is that they are collaborative. And I mean, VERY collaborative.

Every time you create Original Content (OC) that is relevant to the campaign, others make it count by sharing, commenting, and generally bringing attention to it.

An example of OC are:

  • Blog posts
  • Interview in which you bring up campaign relevant stuff
  • Podcast, video, or Google Hangout where you mention the campaign
  • Images/posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. where you’re using/wearing/talking about the campaign
  • Speaking engagements where you’re wearing brand gear
  • Anywhere else where you’re campaigning on behalf of the brand (feel free to suggest in comments)

There are infinite amount of ways in which you might be able to bring attention to the campaign. Use your imagination.

Once Original Content is created, other members of the campaign tribe jump on it to make it count.

This will usually involve:

  • Sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Commenting
  • Linking to it
  • And generally, bringing attention to it

In Conclusion

Changing the approach to campaigning from a single sponsored post to a month-long (or longer) engagement enables the blogger to advocate in a different -and better- way.

Having your tribemates amplify your campaign efforts helps you, the blogger, as well as the brand.

Welcome to Triberr’s way of Influence Marketing. 🙂

One Response to “Triberr Influencer Campaigns are Different”

  1. Stevie Wilson

    I think that getting everyone to understand that the engagement and visibility potential for people participating in this campaign is HUGE. who doesn’t know the brand Almay, Kate Hudson or Goldie Hawn? They will know at least one of those names– given that and the ability for each to leverage this at different times — as try stringing out your sharing on this to different days for different sites and scheduling up different times for sharing via one of the platforms like social oomph or hootsuite as well as triberr. If you are part of other social networks or blogger networks, share it there too.
    Hit some sites where you have been and share it with them– as long as you are clear to make ti clear you are a spokesperson for this brand for X period of time. The ability for the collective 20 people to leverage this brand is expoential in increasing the brand’s engagement but also YOUR engagement with others. Your followers should increase (and you might want to join a couple more tribes) .. to increase that visbility — because that reach you have on Triberr is via this network. between all of us. I am always happy to find other beauty junkies to share their content.. so let’s either join tribes of others OR create one tribe where we are 20 strong — beyond this one to keep popping each other’s content on this.
    It’s the word of mouth, grass roots effort that will make this more authentic, real and engaging to regular people– we aren’t the celebrities, we are just everyday people. That’s the beauty of it.