The Unveiling of the New Triberr

On February 18th, 2013 we rolled out a brand new user interface for Triberr to Prime and Prime Lite members.

We invited everyone to a Google+ hangout to walk them through the new interface.

2 Responses to “The Unveiling of the New Triberr”

  1. Daryl Devore

    Three things – on the old Triberr – upper left where it showed my photo and how many tribes and my reach – is that coming back?? I’m an author – have 2 pen names – it’s nice to know who I am when I’m on.
    2nd – when I get to the bottom of the page – it doesn’t keep going. Both yesterday and today I went back to old Triberr. I go through all the posts to approve my friends first and to delete posts I’m not going to approve. I’m one of the 100 only a day and I like to get rid of duplicate posts etc.
    3rd – the counter for how many posts I’ve approved – since I’m in the 100 only group and I have more than 100 posts to approve – it would be nice to have the count. Every time I approved someone it said 1/100

    or…. all those going to be ready when it rolls out on the 18th?

  2. Dan Cristo

    Hi Daryl,
    In the new UI, you have a profile page that shows reach and tribes. You can get there by clicking the account drop down, and there’s a link to your profile right there.

    Auto-scrolling, and incrementing of post approvals are working fine for me. I’m using Chrome. What browser are you using?