Will reblogging hurt my site’s SEO?


Search engines deal with syndicated content all the time. Every time there’s a news story, that article gets published and republished across dozens, even hundreds of news websites. So how do we make sure that syndicated content, like reblogs, don’t hurt anyone’s SEO?

Google suggests that syndicated content have a link to the original post, as well as a no-index tag on the syndicated post. This tells Google not to rank the syndicated content higher than the original post.

2 Responses to “Will reblogging hurt my site’s SEO?”

  1. Michael

    The only way to reblog through Triberr is if both blogs use WordPress and have the plugin installed correct? Does Triberr turn the links into no-index links and dump a reference at the bottom that gives the author credit (automatically)? Doesn’t Google give more credit to pages that are indexed first? What if one site reblogs and gets indexed before the site that originally published the content?