What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a way by which Triberr imports your new posts and presents them to your tribemates for sharing. So, it’s very important that your RSS is configured correctly.

You can find your RSS feed’s address in few different ways.

Look for the RSS Icon

If you have RSS, it will usually be visible somewhere on your blog as an RSS icon. It looks like this: rss2

Click on it and copy/paste the URL from the address bar into Triberr’s Settings.


Discovering the URL for your RSS feed on WordPress is usually pretty easy.

It’s either http://your_domain_name.com/feed or http://your_domain_name.com/rss


On BlogPost.com (aka Blogger), the naming convention is as follows.



Your RSS feed URL with Tumblr is actually pretty easy. Just add /rss at the end of your domain name.

For example: http://dogandogs.tumblr.com/rss

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Your podcast may be embedded in your blog, in which case use your blog’s RSS url.

If you’re using LibSyn to host your podcast, the RSS URL usually takes the form of http://podcast_name.libsyn.com/rss where “podcast_name” is the name of your podcast.

YouTube RSS

Triberr is able to import your YouTube videos directly using your channel’s RSS URL, which usually takes the form of:

http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/insert_channel_name_here/uploads where “insert_channel_name_here” is the name of your channel.

RSS Explained

Check out this very informative video about RSS feeds.

7 Responses to “What is an RSS feed?”

  1. Tom

    Excellent! Great info here… and thanks for the support from Dino! … tom

  2. The Shitastrophy

    Hi, this is still not working for me. I have tried all of your suggestions. I am on wordpress. I would really appreciate some sort of follow up….please!

  3. Farha Syed

    I’m not sure about my RSS feed. I did download Embed RSS. I don’t have any RSS icon either. I would like a little help on this please.

    Do I download a plugin that gives me an RSS icon?

    Please guide me to be able to get started.

    I did email you Dino – at dino@triberr.com – haven’t received any replies as of yet.
    would appreciate if you could please reply with a solution.


  4. Dino Dogan

    Hi Farha,

    I cant figure out your RSS either. It’s none of the usual suspects. /feed or /rss are both non existent.

    Since you’re using WordPress I would suggest you install Triberr plugin or get your site admin to set up RSS for you.