2023 Twitter API Changes

By now, all of you have heard that Twitter is undergoing substantial changes in 2023 and is once again causing disruption to app developers and their users by severely limiting free access to the API. This impacts us and you.

What is Triberr Doing?

In response to the recent Twitter API changes and subject to Twitter, we have developed functionality to allow users to create their own Twitter API KEYS (FREE) and add them to Triberr to continue sharing/scheduling as usual with minimal to no disruption. Unfortunately this requires applying for developer access to V2 of the Twitter API and requires the Twitter team to approve your request. You’ll need a phone number attached to your Twitter account in order to perform this action.

What is Impacted inside of Triberr?

There are several areas of the Triberr app that are affected by the 2023 Twitter plan changes and the move to their V2 API – the changes are summarized here:

  1. Log In With Twitter – due to recent Twitter changes and their move to the V2 API – this functionality will currently ONLY work if you have connected your account to Twitter using the V1 oAuth method (the way of connecting your account prior to the 2023 changes). IMPORTANT NOTE: Login with Twitter WILL STOP WORKING after you disconnect your Twitter account and re-connect your Twitter account by entering your V2 API Keys. In order for you to continue to be able to log in with your Triberr account after you have reconnected your Twitter account using the new V2 API Keys, you will need to log in with your email and password. Some users may not remember or know what email address they originally signed up with at Triberr, and if you are unsure – please make note of your email address inside of your Settings->Contact Settings area shown here:Once you have your email address – if you don’t remember your password, you can always use the forgot password option on the login page and input the email address associated with your account. When you select the forgot password option, Triberr will send you an email with instructions on resetting your password. The Triberr team is still working with Twitter to determine if we can continue to use Log In With Twitter with the V2 API, however there are some technical hurdles that need to be overcome that are unlikely to be resolved. We’ll keep the Triberr community posted if things change. Either way, we recommend that you use your email and password to log in to Triberr going forward.
  2. Posting to Twitter – Sharing items to Twitter using your Queue will be disrupted until you sign up for a Free Developer account and set up Twitter V2 API Keys for Triberr to use to post to Twitter using your Twitter account. See Actions to Take to Avoid Disruption for instructions on how to accomplish this.
  3. Twitter Sources inside of Triberr Curate – Twitter sources inside of Triberr Curate used your V1 API oAuth connection to pull posts from the requested user/profile/tag. Unfortunately, this functionality may no longer work unless you have a paid plan on the new Twitter V2 API. The free plan unfortunately does not support this functionality.

Actions to Take to Avoid Disruption

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating and Adding Your Twitter API Keys to Triberr for Seamless Sharing and Scheduling

At the moment, we expect a certain level of disruption as it seems that Twitter is not the fastest at approving applications to the API. To help mitigate against any delays, please do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Sign up for a Twitter Developer account. This is an additional process that you must go through after you are signed into your existing twitter account. Once signed into your account, you can apply for a developer account on Twitter here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/portal/petition/essential/basic-info. Note: On the application page, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Sign up for Free Account” link at the bottom of the screen. The free level of access should work for posting to Twitter for personal use as long as you stay within the free account limits (Up to 1500 Tweets per month).Twitter Developer Application ScreenshotProvide a description for the Use Case you are applying for – you can provide an explanation something along the lines that you are trying to get access to the Twitter API to post content that you find inside of an app to Twitter on your own personal Twitter account as well as retrieve the personal follower count and post counts for your own account.
  2. Create a Project and an App – Once you are accepted into the new V2 API with your developer account, you should create a project and then create an app. Twitter Developer Dashboard ScreenshotGive your project a name, select the appropriate use-case, provide a project description.Then create an app – give it a name, and MOST IMPORTANTLY SAVE the API Key, API Key Secret, and Bearer Tokens in a SAFE place – this will be the last time these values are shown to you. Twitter App Keys and Tokens Screenshot Full instructions on how to do this are here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tutorials/step-by-step-guide-to-making-your-first-request-to-the-twitter-api-v2 NOTE: Twitter may have done this for you already – some users have reported that they’ve seen Projects and Apps pre-populated once approved by Twitter. If you see a v2 project with Free access – you can skip this step.
  3. Set up User Authentication / oAuth Token – Set up a User Authentication token that will enable Triberr to access your follower counts and other profile stats.
    1. To set up User Authentication, go to your App settings page and click the “Edit” or “Set up” button under the “User authentication settings” section. Twitter App Settings Screenshot
    2. Once clicked, it will ask you to edit the User authentication settings. For App permissions, please select the “Read and write” option and enable the “Request email from users” toggle.
    3. Inside Type of App, please select Web app.Twitter App User Authentication Settings Screenshot
    4. Inside the App info, you need to put the following URLs:
      • Callback URI / Redirect URL: https://triberr.com/twitter/redirect/<your-triberr-username>. NOTE: You will need to replace the text “<your-triberr-username>” inside the redirect URL above with your Triberr user name. To get Triberr’s username, log in to Triberr and go to your Account settings to see your username.
      • Website URL: https://triberr.com
      • Terms of service: https://triberr.com/terms-of-service
      • Privacy policy: https://triberr.com/privacy
    5. Click save
  4. Create your FREE Twitter API KEYS – Generate all of the keys needed to post to Twitter from Triberr using the following steps:
    1. Go to the “Keys and tokens” section of your app.Twitter App Keys and Tokens Screenshot
    2. Click the regenerate button under the Consumer keys section to generate “API key and secret”. Copy the keys safely and save them into a text document or other place that you’ll be able to access them again and click “Saved it”.
    3. Repeat the process for the following sections:
      • Authentication token( bearer only ) section
      • OAuth 2.0 Client ID
      • Client Secret sections.
    4. Copy the API key, API secret, bearer token, client ID, and client secret and save them securely into a place where you can access them again. NOTE: You will need these keys to put them into the Triberr system so keep them in a safe place that you can remember where you put them as many of these keys you won’t be able to access again without re-generating them.
  5. Populate the Tokens & Keys into Triberr – With the above keys written down, populate those keys inside of your Triberr settings as follows:
    • Now that we have all the keys we need, log in to triberr.com, go to Account Settings, and click the tab “My Social Networks” and find the Twitter section.
    • If you already have a Twitter account connected, you will need to disconnect your existing account and re-connect it from the social network settings dropdown which is next to the “Save changes” button. If you don’t have a Twitter account connected and simply click the “Connect Account” button and click the “Connect Profile” button under Twitter.
    • A modal will open up with fields for you to enter the following keys retrieved from Twitter: API key, API secret, Bearer Token, Client ID, and Client secret. Please enter the saved keys here and click save.
    • Once saved, we will redirect the user to Twitter.com to reauthorize the app in order to get the user authentication and user profile info such as public name, tweet count, followers, following, etc.

Once you have provided the appropriate API Keys above, we will be able to get your Twitter stats and will be able to post Tweets shared from Triberr to your connected Twitter account.

Thanks very much!

What Changes Have We Made to Triberr?

In response to the API Changes and new V2 API from Twitter, we have made the following updates / changes to the Triberr system:

  1. Updated the Twitter oAuth connection and posting to Twitter functionality to use the new V2 Twitter API and V2 API Keys using the instructions above.
  2. Triberr Curate functionality for Twitter sources will no longer work unless you have connected a new V2 API Account AND that account has been subscribed to the “Basic” API Plan level access (as-of the posting of this message, $100/month). More information about the API Plans and costs can be found here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/twitter-api/getting-started/about-twitter-api
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