Bonfire Community Standards

Bonfires on Triberr

Bonfires are a place for you to interact with your fellow tribesman! While we encourage you to be socially active, there are a few rules every Triberr user must follow:

  1. No Spamming – Please make only one post per topic. You may have as many posts as you like, so long as they are not all the same.
  2. No Foul Language – If a bonfire is found to have language in bad taste, we will remove the entire thread immediately.
  3. Self-Promotion Bonfires – These will be removed. Bonfires are not the place for you to boast about your blog. Your blog should speak for itself!
  4. No Hate Speech – Bonfires are not the place for any thread containing hate-filled speech.
  5. No Suspicious Posts – Any posts promoting a suspect product, service or cause will be removed.

Any bonfire found violating one of these rules will be subject to:

  • Removal of all bonfires linked to the user in question.
  • Banishment from Triberr.

As long as you adhere to these rules, bonfires can be an amazing place for every Triberr user.



Last Updated: 01 days ago

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