How to Connect Facebook Account / Reauthenticate Facebook Permissions

Below are steps to follow to connect a Facebook Account.

How to Connect a Facebook Account

1) Login to Triberr and navigate to Settings > My Social Networks

2) Click Add Facebook Account

3) Follow the process and ensure you do not edit the permissions as Triberr needs permission to publish to Facebook.

NOTE: If you are having cache issues and seeing the reauthentication notifications after connecting an account, please try to disconnect and reconnect the app once more as that typically resolves such issues (i.e., do the above steps twice). In a few cases, completely revoking the app and re-authenticating may also fix the issue (see steps below on how to do that).

How to Revoke Facebook Permissions & Re-authenticate

For some users who are experiencing notifications related to authentication, it may be necessary to revoke access to Triberr from within Facebook, and then reconnect.

Connection requirements may change for our app due to updates of Facebook App permissions or Facebook’s API updates, therefore users may have to reauthenticate the Triberr app . To do this, please follow these instructions:

1) Login to Triberr and remove any Facebook accounts you have connected. 

Triberr Settings

2) Login to Facebook and revoke access to the Triberr app. To do that, please follow these steps:

a) Click on the dropdown in the top right, and select “Settings

b) Then select Apps in the left sidebar and then find the Triberr App. You may have to click “View All” apps to ensure you’re seeing all your connected apps.

c) Then, click the “X” next to the Triberr app to revoke access. This will permanently delete the prior association of Triberr app to Facebook. Its permissions will be revoked and you won’t see it anymore.

d) Finally, go back to Triberr and follow the regular process above to reconnect a Facebook Account.

See this screenshot below for guidance on how to revoke the app:

Facebook App Settings

If you have any issues after performing the steps above, please let us know by contacting the Support Team.

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