How do I Connect my Social Media Account to Triberr?

My Social Networks settings are used for multiple purposes on Triberr. These purposes include:

  • To display your social network accounts on your Triberr profile
  • To calculate your reach or the reach of all members in a Tribe
  • To add content to the queue from Tribal Streams, Global Streams, and Profile Streams
    • To assign specific social networks to specific Tribes select the button located in the ‘Tribes assigned’ column
    • To set a custom sharing frequency select the dropdown located in the ‘Sharing Frequency’ column

To attach your social accounts, you must update the ‘My Social Networks’ Tab by navigating to the “My Social Networks’ tab within the Account-> Settings Dropdown. Once selected you will see a “Connect Account” button. Once clicked a popup modal will appear with a list of social networks to connect. Select on the network you’d like to connect then follow the steps required to authorize the connection.

Step 1:

Select “Settings” in the Account dropdown menu.

Triberr Settings

Step 2:

Click “My Social Networks”

My Social Networks Tab

Step 3:

Select the account you wish to add to your profile. Please note when you connect a social network account you will also be able to login to Triberr using the social account.   Follow the instructions on the screens that follow to either log in to the social account or verify your account.

Note: As-of the time of this posting, only Lite and Prime users can attach a Facebook Group or Page.  Free users will need to upgrade their account to perform this action.

Step 4:

In connecting social network with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkdIn, and Youtube simply fill in the needed information on Social Settings screen that shows up after choosing one social network to connect.

After, click “Next”, so that user will be directed to authorize Triberr to access social network account. This happens if the user has not log in yet to the chosen social network account.

Once done, user will be redirected back to “My Social Network” page showing the connected social network account.

Step 5:

For Pinterest and Instagram, the only difference is that the user is required to include its current @username handle since it is needed for the verification process. After filling out all the tabs, click Next.

In order to complete the verification process, the user needs to copy and paste the code in the Bio of its Profile page by logging in to the social network account.

After logging in, the user clicks on “Edit Profile” > Paste the code on Bio section > then Click “Submit” or “Done” button.

After saving it on the Bio profile page, go back to Triberr Settings page and click “Verify” on the screen.

Once done, the user will be redirected back to “My Social Network” page showing the connected social network account.

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