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You can submit a support ticket by using this “Submit Ticket” button.

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What information to include…

If it’s a technical question, please provide as many details as possible to allow us to replicate the issue. If it involves specific posts, tribes or tribemates, include URLs and the necessary details. Here are typical items to include in support tickets to expedite the review process:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Profile URL on Triberr
  3. Your Blog (i.e., if it’s related to importing feeds)
  4. A Specific Blog URL (i.e., if it’s related to a specific post)
  5. How to Replicate the Issue
  6. Attachments / Screenshots or link to a screencast describing the issue

Support Info

  1. Support Hours – Our support team is available Monday – Friday (9AM – 5PM) EST timezone (i.e, New York City). We are not available on weekends because we spend that time with friends, tribemates, and family, and playing video games.
  2. Twitter – Support cannot be provided via Twitter. Unfortunately, 140 characters is simply not enough, nor can we exchange confidential information through that channel. However, we’d appreciate a shoutout or Hello to the @triberr team!
  3. Facebook – Support tickets cannot be handled via Facebook in our effort to maintain a centralized helpdesk for all support tickets. Though, friend us on Facebook if you’d like to see pics of our cats and interesting memes.
  4. Email – All support tickets are routed to the main [email protected] email address. Think of it as speed-dial for your inbox!
  5. Bonfires – The Bonfire Support Forum are a great place to interact with tribemates and ask each other for help. However, they are not monitored by the Triberr team. If you have an issue you’d like our team to review, the best and fastest method is to send an email with the necessary details to [email protected] – or – use the Contact Form on this site.
  6. Members – We answer every support ticket and prioritize tickets submitted by our paying members who are supporting Triberr through their recurring subscription. Our subscriptions allow us to continue to improve the product (new features!), pay for the massive server bills, hire / train / and incentivize amazing team members, lease office space, and provide awesome support to our members. It also pays for the coffee and candy.

Thank you,

Triberr Team