Guidelines for Promoting A Post

Triberr is built upon the concept of community and reciprocity. We believe that content and community go hand-in-hand and ultimately this should be your greatest earmark when gauging what type of content you should promote on Triberr. However, because we value quality content and aim to maintain a safe space for our members we’ve compiled a basic set of guidelines to help you navigate this process.

Prohibited Content

We realize the basis of Tribes denotes that every Triberr member will have varying interests based on the Tribes you create and the people you choose to associate with. Afterall, Triberr was built by the power of community. However, to protect your communities the following content is prohibited on Triberr.

  •  A blog post that could fit into a tweet
    • If your blog post is less than 140 characters it’s not a post it’s a tweet.
  • A short copy/paste excerpt that links to the original post
    • we love backlinks but Triberr is not the place for gray hat SEO. Keep in mind you can promote external URL’s so there is really no need to promote post excerpts.
  • A blog post promoting a suspect product, service, or cause.
    • A clearly deceitful or malicious blog post
  • A blog post promoting hate speech
    • A blog post the infringes on the basic human rights of others
  • A blog post or article that is clearly spam
  • Landing Pages or Optin Pages that have no content or force others to optin to view content
  • Content Contains dead or inoperable links
  • Content is time-sensitive or no longer relevant to the period in which it will be promoted
  • Content where the category does not match the content in the link provided
  • Content containing malicious software or viruses
  • If you can’t find it on Reddit you definitely will not find it on Triberr this includes:
    • content that is deemed illegal
    • content that elicits violence against others
    • content that bullies or threatens others
    • content that is sexually suggestive against minors

If you believe you’ve encountered content the violates any of the tenets above please send an email to [email protected] detailing the post and if possible the link to the post and user. We will investigate the post internally and take the appropriate action.

Post Promotion Etiquette

At Triberr we also believe in some fundamental concepts that are now considered basic internet etiquette. We also understand the time and effort required to create valuable pieces of content and manage how that content is distributed across the internet. Consequently, while the following points are not hard prohibitions, we still highly encourage them.

  • If content is not authored or does not feature a specific Person it’s best not to @mention this user on Twitter
  • When using Tribe Boosts respect the audiences you will be promoting too
  • Spell check and police your content for grammatical errors
  • Follow intellectual property guidelines
  • Use relevant hashtags in headlines

For more information on Triberr’s Terms of Use you can visit or send an inquiry to [email protected]

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