How do I add my blog to Triberr?

To add a blog to Triberr, navigate to the Account Settings page:

Triberr Settings

Once on the account settings page, click the “My Blogs” tab.

My Blogs Tab


On the, “My Blogs” tab, click the “+ Add Blog” button

Add Blog to Triberr

 Enter the following information into the modal:

  • Website Name
  • Homepage URL (when you enter your homepage URL Triberr will automatically detect an RSS Feed if one is available)
  • RSS Feed URL

The blog settings is used for multiple purposes on Triberr. These purposes include:

  • To display blog URL and feed on your Triberr profile
  • To import / or add content to Triberr Profile page
  • To import / or add content to Tribes you are a member of
    • To import websites into Tribes select the ‘Blog Sharing Settings Button’ use the dropdown beneath each Tribe name to assign a blog to a tribe.

Learn more about Memberships here

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