How do I cancel Prime or Prime Lite membership?

For Stripe Subscribers


To see what your current membership status is navigate to Settings then select the prime membership tab.
You will see a statement that reads,

Hey there your name here, Your Current Plan is Prime.

This statement will change based on your current membership plan.

To cancel your current membership plan select the red button entitled “Cancel My Membership”. This action will automatically submit a membership cancellation request that will cancel your current plan once the membership period has expired. If you are a Paypal Legacy Subscriber see the instructions below.


prime or lite membership cancellation


For Paypal Legacy Subscribers

Prime and Prime Lite memberships are paypal based recurring subscriptions. The most direct way to cancel a membership is to do so through paypal:


If you’re having trouble, send us an email, and we can cancel it on our side.

Very Important: Because of the way Triberr and PayPal communicate, your Prime services will stop as soon as you cancel your subscription. So even if you are part way through a month, canceling your subscription will immediately cancel any Prime or Prime Lite benefits on Triberr. The best time to cancel is at the end of a billing cycle. If a billing cycle renews, and you forgot to cancel, but don’t want the month you were just charged for, send us an email and we’ll refund your payment.

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