How do I consolidate multiple Triberr accounts?

If you already have a Triberr account which you’ve connected a social media profile to, say your Twitter account, logging in with a different social media profile, like your Facebook, will actually create a 2nd, new Triberr account.

Creating multiple accounts is confusing, difficult to manage, and is against Triberr’s terms of service. It’s best to consolidate those multiple accounts.

At the moment, there is no “merge account” feature.

To consolidate your Triberr accounts

  1. Log out of Triberr
  2. Decide which Triberr account you want to keep, and which one you want to delete
  3. Login to Triberr using the social media login you want to delete
  4. Go to Account -> Settings and delete that account (repeat step 3 and 4 for multiple, duplicate accounts)
  5. Login to Triberr with your primary account (the one you want to keep)
  6. Add the social media account you just deleted from your other account (usually Facebook or LinkedIn)

Now you can login to Triberr using any of the social media accounts you added, and they will all log you in to your primary account.

Next step: Assign the newly added social media profiles to your tribes

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