How do I create a tribe?

You can create a new tribe by clicking the “Tribes” link in the top navigation bar.

Once on the “Tribes” page, click on the “+ Create a Tribe” button

Once selected, a modal will appear requiring you to enter details about the tribe you are creating. After you save the details, your new tribe will be created, and you will be redirected to the tribe page.


Invite New Members

After you’ve created your tribe, you should invite members to your tribe!  If you see members of Triberr that you’d like to invite, view their profile page and there should be an invite button that should allow you to invite them to your tribe!

Alternatively, if you’d lke to invite influencers that may not be inside of the Triberr eco-system, there are a number of different ways that you can do that.  You can access them via the “Invites” tab when viewing your Tribe Page.

The available methods from the Invites tab of your Tribe are:

  1. A Referral Link – A link you can share with Triberr members and other influencers alike!  This will bring the person you’ve shared the link with to your Tribe Page where they can join your tribe!
  2. Email Invitations – You can send email invitations to up to 50 potential members at a time and can customize the message within the message box provided
  3. Invitation via Gmail – You can connect Triberr to your Gmail Contacts and invite contacts inside of your Gmail to your Tribe by sending them a message

Establish a Community

Fostering a community where individuals share each other’s content should be a priority!  Communicate within the Tribe Chat thread, or direct message individual members.

Additional Tribe Information

Additional information on how tribes work can be found at this Introduction to Tribes article: 

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