How do I downgrade from Prime to Prime Lite?

Stripe Users

Under the Stripe subscription model downgrading your subscription is a simple process. Simply navigate to your settings page then click on the Prime Membership tab. Follow the remaining steps below:

  • Select a new plan from the drop down menu
  • Click the Pay With Card Button
  • A popup modal will appear requiring you to enter your payment information
  • After entering your payment details click the “Pay” button
  • Once the payment is successfully completed your account will immediately be downgraded to Prime lite
  • If you downgrading during the middle of a subscription term your account will be prorated. The remaining unused balance will be applied to your new downgraded subscription.
    • You may request a breakdown of the proration and a new month or years estimated cost after 7 days or processing the transaction. This ensures that all pending transaction have completed which allows for more accurate reporting.

Triberr Downgrade Prime Membership

Paypal Legacy Users

To downgrade to Prime Lite you must first cancel your Triberr Prime membership in Paypal. Instructions to cancel your Triberr Paypal Subscription are located at the following link:
Go to paypal, and cancel your Triberr Prime subscription. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Login to paypal
  2. Click on “Profile” from the main navigation
  3. Click on the “Update” button to the right of “My Automatic Payments”
  4. Find your Triberr Prime subscription and cancel it

After Cancelling Your Paypal Subscription

After you’ve successfully cancelled your Paypal subscription you’ll need to establish a new Stripe subscription.  If you have an existing subscription with Stripe following the Stripe instructions listed above.

To Downgrade to Prime Lite Follow the Steps Listed Below:

  1. Select the desired new plan for the drop down menu located on your settings page in the Prime Membership Tab. Then click on the Pay with card button.

Triberr Downgrade Stripe


2. After clicking on the button a popup modal will appear. Enter your information into the popup. Then select the “Pay” button. If your payment is successful the page will refresh and your account will automatically be updated.

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